Custom Refrigerator Magnets- 5 Brilliant Uses Other Than Brand Promotion!

Refrigerator magnets have made a niche as a high visibility promotional item these days. However, here are some other uses of these magnets that you might not have even thought about.  Here are some clever ways to get your audience to see your brand more often!

A handy pen holder

Keep your metal pen always in plain view by attaching it to the refrigerator magnets. Next time when you need to jot down something in a hurry or take a phone message, you will never fail to spot the pen. No just pens but you can keep any small, lightweight items like metal paper clips that are never there when you want them so badly!

5.25x2.25 Custom Van Shape Magnets

A stylish bookmark

While reading your favorite book do you find it hard to start from where you left? Use magnets as a stylish bookmark. It stands out easily and you can even feel it even if it slips into the inner pages. You can even tape the magnet on to cardboard to ensure sufficient length.

Find dropped pins

Tipped over a packet of pins or needles? Stay safe and collect needles easily using a magnet even from those hard to reach spots behind the desks. Use a sweeping action to collect as many pins as possible in the shortest time. No tears and no bruises as well!

As shopping list holders

We all have faced those days when the shopping list might have got blown away by the time you are ready to shop! Why not keep the shopping lists and little reminders safe for as long as you need it under these 4 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets. It will save a lot of time and effort. It can hold multiple papers. So you can keep menus, postcards or telephone bills- sorry no phone books, please.

4 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets

Fix A Fly Screen

Attaching a fly screen was the job of a professional. But now you can get a lightweight insect screen fixed to the windows by taping a strip of fridge magnets along the edge. sleek models like 4×6 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners will ensure a smooth and snug fitting. The best part is that it is easy to remove for cleaning the screen or when you think that the screen is no longer needed.

4x6 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners By handing out these custom magnets you can keep the audience engaged for long, which will make them acquainted with your brand in a subtle and interesting way.