You Are Only 5 Steps Away From Getting A Perfect Custom Car Magnet!

Spring and summer season promotions put a lot of thrust on outdoor promotions because during fair weather it is the best way to put your brand right in front of the massive outdoorsy crowd. If you have a budget to watch, there can’t be any other better option to give mileage to your message than custom car magnets. Customize it creatively to make it a great handout that your recipients will love for sure. The best part is that your message on custom car magnets will reach an extended audience in no time.2.625x3.625 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Make sure that those marketing dollars don’t go to waste by following these simple steps that will help you to get a perfect custom car magnet for your business.

#1 Car magnets need metal surface to stick

First things first! Before investing on car magnets make sure that the car door has metallic parts or surface where magnets can stick. Most car models have aluminum or fiberglass car doors, which will not work. If your car has only very small magnet friendly parts, then obviously you may have to adjust the size of your magnet.

#2 Choose the right size

The shape of the car magnet that you choose should match the car door size. If it is too big it might not stick up properly while very small magnets will not get noticed, thereby spoiling the scope of your promotions.

#3 Do not miss the vital information

Your car magnet should clearly carry all the essential pieces of information like your company name, logo, url,  phone number and more. A short slogan or an artwork will enhance the attraction of the magnets. Stuffing too much information will be a bad idea as the audience may not be able to decipher the information on these magnets on a moving car. The basic idea is to take your message into a wider audience.

# 4: Choose the right colors!

Customize the magnets in contrast colors that will make them stand out. Solid colors grab easy attention while a clean and simple layout will enhance its readability. Do not stuff too much information as it will spoil the basic purpose of car magnets.

#5  More the merrier!

Nobody can have just one car magnet; stick a few of these on each side of the vehicle to get maximum visibility and brand exposure. Car magnets are perfect marketing tools for businesses that offer door delivery services as they can rotate using these custom magnets on their fleet of vehicles to spread a different message at different times.

Now that you have completed all 5 steps, it is time for you to order your car magnets from us. The sooner your car magnets hit the road, the better because your target audience is out already indulging in fair weather activities. There can’t be a better way to impress them! Hurry!