A Few Clever Tips To Use Food Shaped Magnets Effectively

Food shaped magnets stand out for their unique shapes and colors and are born crowd pleasers! However, you can drive up the pace of your marketing campaign by throwing in some smart cap marketing ideas into your promotional mix.3.5x4 Custom Printed Large Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Here are some interesting ways to impress your diners and to make your menu stick with these logo items.

Lunch Specials: Imprint your special lunch offers on these logo magnets and hand out among working executives and offices. This brand magnet will not just go straight into the filing cabinet but also make your phone ring nonstop with take away orders.

Signature dishes: Highlight your popular dishes and signature items on these food shaped magnets to draw the attention of the gourmets. These will give your customers an idea of some of the specialty items that they should not miss out even without a full menu listing.

Shapes that complement your business: If you have a pizzeria, the most effective platform to place your brand will be on these pizza shaped magnets. Nobody can stay away from these sumptuous looking food- Shaped magnets when they are in a mood for some grubs! Get a few of these colorful and personalized magnets on your refrigerator door , at the entrance or even on the delivery vans to build up a hype in your brand.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to wrack your brains with a lengthy promotional slogan or text as this image will be more than self explanatory. We at Custommagnetsdirect have food magnets in all possible shapes and sizes.

Mailer campaigns: Mailers will keep your brand fresh in the minds of your existing customers and will take your logo into new customers.

Discount Coupons: Freebies, discounts and offers are something that will instantly turn on the attention of everyone. Make the promotional magnets more effective by adding a promo code on to these magnets or a discount coupon valid for the next few months to ensure repeat impressions and brand endorsement.

With so many restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and takeaway food joints vying for attention, marketing food joints has become a challenging task. Customers always look out for something special and out of the ordinary. So, now you should know why all those glossy paper flyers that might have cost you a fortune never brought back the dime! Promotional magnets have always been rage among customers as these add a fun element and loads of color and casual vibe to their refrigerator doors. The best thing is that these custom magnets will serve as a handy business card right in front of their eyes whenever they need your services.