Custom Shaped Magnets For Marketing Your Food Outlets

If you have been using only flyers and brochures to promote your menu of your newly opened restaurant, this write up may offer you some food for thought! Most people don’t spare a gaze at the countless papers flyers that restaurants thrust at them when they will be hurrying to their work. The flyers that get stuffed at their letter boxes or email inboxes are no different either. People often do not care to remember the name or contact details and when they are in need of your services, unfortunately they might not have your contact information at hand!1.62x2.5 Custom Cheese Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

So, make sure that your menu card does not get trampled on the busy road in front of your restaurant. Instead make your menu promotion more interesting, appetizing and above all long lasting by handing out these food shaped magnets that can be personalized with all the message and artwork that you wish.

Keep your menu right on top of the minds of your recipients by handing out these magnets that will enjoy a permanent place on their refrigerator doors for a very long time. After all where will we all look when hunger pangs set in? It is obviously refrigerators. So, make your menu stick where it matters the most instead of getting trashed where most paper flyers end up!4.06x3.75 Custom Cupcake Shape Magnets 20 Mil

As mailer items: Planning a special signature menu promotion? Send out these food shaped magnets that complement your menu and see how it brings back all your loyal diners along with a hoard of new customers. Choose from a range of shapes like pizza, cheese, icecream, cupcake and more and share your message in a lip smacking manner by imprinting your logo, contact details and spicy slogans. These attractively shaped and colored magnets will make a permanent fixture on the refrigerator doors as artwork or a handy hold up of all their kid’s artwork! Every time a few guests droop in , they will know where to call to be a perfect hostess!

Loyalty gifts
Every time your customers refer their friends to your restaurant, you can consider handing out these food shaped magnets as loyalty gifts. Attach a discount coupon on these to get them back to the tables. It makes a subtle form of marketing without any hard selling tactics and on face marketing talks. Anyone who gets these magnets will surely take a closer look at your menu!

Tradeshow items
Planning to be in the local food fest or tradeshow any time soon? The best way to grab the eyeballs of the foodies with these attractive food shaped magnets. After all can there be a better gift than these pizza shaped magnets to promote your pizza vending booth? These attractive magnets will catch the attention of the audience easily and even in crowded events, your logo will enjoy a panoramic display.