Need A Hand in Your Promotions – Get Our Hand Shaped Magnets

It is easy to be the best when you are the only one who offers a certain product or service. Unfortunately, it is not a reality in today’s business. Businesses need every advantage they can get in order to succeed in the world. Other business owners focus on managing their company’s brand. They build a strong brand then wait for customers to come to them but it is really not that simple. We believe that in order for you to have a successful business, you need to have a promotional campaign. Having a promotional campaign will help you connect with customers and that is why we want to give you a hand through our Hand Shaped Magnets.2.31x3.37 Custom Printed Hand Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Distributing promotional tools evokes emotion and makes people feel familiar of your company or business. These promotional magnets become the vehicle of either large or small businesses to the marketplace. Investing in these custom magnets will definitely not cost you a fortune. We are offering these custom magnets for as low as $0.10 with free art set-up, free shipping and free customization. On top of that, when you order it in wholesale, we will give away discounts plus a 10% off if it is your first time to order.

Everyone can be your potential client howeveryou probably do not have the time to market everyone. Well, we have a few tips on how these custom magnets will lend a hand when you promote your business.

  • You do not necessarily have to get out of your store in order for you to be able to distribute these custom magnets. For you to save time and effort on your promotional campaign, have these magnets handed out to everyone who comes into your store. Since these custom magnets are made of unique designs, everyone will love sticking it to their refrigerator doors. Do you know that according to a study conducted by the University of Purdue, at least 50 times in one day that people open their refrigerator doors?So, every time someone opens their refrigerator doors they will see your business information that is imprinted on these custom magnets and it will eventually persuade them to try your products or services.
  • These magnets are customizable which means that you can have your own logo and business information imprinted on it.Putting a personality on your promotional tool can set your company apart from the competition. You can always go for eye-catching and attractive designs or you can keep it simple. People can just have these custom magnets on their refrigerator doors and any time they need you, they can just look at the information and give you a call.
  • You become readily available to every household. Unlike regular business cards that gets easily misplaced, these custom magnets will consistently offer visibility.This is way better than having to scan through drawers looking for the contact number. These are rarely misplaced or discarded giving you an assurance that your investments are long term and worth it.

Listed below are the five different sizes and designs of our hand shaped magnets.

  1. 2×2.87 Custom Printed Hand Shaped Magnets
  2. 2.31×3.37 Custom Printed Hand Shaped Magnets
  3. 3.38×2.25 Custom Hand Shaped Magnets
  4. 3×5 Custom Hand Notekeeper Magnets
  5. 3×5 Customized Hand Shaped Magnets

These custom magnets are unobtrusive unlike other promotional tools. With these on every household, people will be reminded daily of your existence. People tend to use likely something that is always in front of them and that is why these custom magnets will lend your business a hand.