Reasons Why You Cannot Afford To Miss Our Heart Shaped Magnets

Is getting attention for your business a challenge on a daily basis? There is always the concern of the competition and the budget when planning for a promotional campaign. Aside from social media, there are also other ways that businesses can talk to their customers. It is true that social media has changed the way businesses communicate to the market. It has enabled companies to widen their exposure and it even has leveled the playing field for online businesses. Our concern though goes to local stores or small businesses that are just selling with in the city or the community who are not in into online selling or marketing. Fear not for there are still other ways that you can promote your business and still offers the same impact as other promotional tools. It is through our Heart Shaped Magnets that will help widen your company’s audience by just simply distributing it.3x2.5 Custom Square with Heart Corner Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Our custom magnets are non-annoying but rather are sophisticatedly made and highly functional. We have listed a few reasons why we love our heart shaped magnets and you should too.

  1. You can promote your brand or business to a wider audience with these custom magnets by simply handing it out. These custom magnets can be easily given to potential clients either at tradeshows or conventions. Due to its design and fun shape, it is likely that it will be displayed on refrigerator doors and because it is seen on a regular basis, there is a better chance that this client will give you a call.
  2. It serves as a dual function. It can be a refrigerator decoration at the same time a business card. Once you order from us, you can always personalize or customize it the way you want. The prospective client will always have your contact information readily accessible to them whenever they need it. By having your company information imprinted on these custom magnets, you are giving them the convenience to no longer scan the yellow pages of the directory.
  3. We do not need to sacrifice the quality of our magnets just so we can sell it at affordable cost. Our custom magnets are made of high quality recycled material yet are still very affordable. On top of that, we do not charge extra for art set-up, design and shipping.
  4. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s research, 86% of US promotional products recipients can identify their advertisers. Our heart shaped magnets or any other of our custom magnets for that matter are proven to be effective promotional tools. The best part is that these are offered at very low process making it easy for you to purchase without having second thoughts.

We have decided to come up with a few designs for our heart shaped magnets so that you will have enough options to choose from. We have 21 varieties but to name a few sample, we have listed it below:

These custom magnets have been proven to target customers effectively and offer long lasting promotions to your company. At the same time, these are the only promotional tools in the market today that can create a bond and loyalty between the customers and the company.