Fruit Shaped Magnets Will Make Your Promotions A Refreshing One

Have advertisements and promotions becoming redundant and boring? Do you notice when you look left and right, promotional campaigns have become more and more the same. The reason why business owners invest in promotional products is because they want to reach a wide audience so that there will be a continued growth of their business. A lot of people suggest using social media in order to save money when promoting a business. Well, nowadays it is no longer a unique way to reach people using social media. There is nothing wrong with using social media though but if you want to take the route less travelled and be set apart from your competitors you have to think out of the box or use promotional tools that are out of the ordinary. Just like our Fruit Shaped Magnets. It is out of the ordinary and it is refreshingly new. These custom magnets will make people smile every time you give it to them because of its amusing shape.1.87x2.12 Custom Small Apple Magnets 20 Mil

There are so many advantages of our custom magnets.

  • Discounted – For wholesale orders
  • Cost effective – Relatively inexpensive; you can get it for as low as $0.08
  • Instant Impact – An advertising tool that is not intrusive
  • Staying Power – Magnets on a refrigerator door are always visible
  • Your name and brand are imprinted on the magnets – it will make you stand out from competitors
  • Longer shelf life due to durable materials used
  • Offers long term promotion – According to research, the average time a promotional item is kept around 5.4 months
  • First order – 10% off; apply the promo code at the checkout page
  • Low price match guarantee – We offer 5% cash back
  • Perfect for direct mailing

You can distribute these when attending a convention or tradeshow. So instead of just handing out an ordinary business card that easily gets misplaced, you have these custom magnets instead.This is one way of promoting your business out of the ordinary. You might be thinking that there is email marketing and it is even free. Yes, email marketing is not a bad thing at all but wouldn’t it be better that your prospects have something tangible from you? You see, this will have a great impact on your promotional campaign.

Below is the list of a few of our fruit shaped magnets.

At, we make sure that you will be getting the most of your money. We assure you that these custom magnets will have a great impact on your business. Make the right decision today and your promotional campaign will be a sure-fire.