Your Business Give Discounts yet Get More Discounts from Us through Our Cart Shaped Magnets

Are you planning to promote your newly opened grocery or convenience store? Probably you have an existing convenience store and you want to entice people in your community to visit your store and avail discounts. You might be planning for an upcoming big sale such as season or holiday sale and you need to inform every one of your upcoming event. Having all these plans in mind is a great thing and in order to effectively put these ideas into action is to choose the right promotional tool that is not necessarily expensive but is able to effectively deliver. Now, in today’s market there are a lot of promotional toolsbeing offered. Some are new and some have been proven effective as well but are quite expensive. Well, not all effective promotional tools are expensive though. We have our affordable Cart Shaped Magnets that have been proven as an effective one. We have worked for many fortune 500 companies and they have kept coming back because they have been satisfied with our custom magnets.

2.87x2.5 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets 20 Mil3x3 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

We have quite a few simple tips why our custom magnets are essential when you do your promotional campaign.

  • Our custom magnets are given at very low costs. One of our cart shaped magnets can be availed for as low as $.12. That is already a great deal but it does not stop from there.
  • When you purchase wholesale, you will be able to avail of our discount and if it is your first time to order from us we would love to give you a 10% discount. Just use our coupon code: TWCMD10 and enter that at the checkout page.
  • There will be no additional cost for shipping, set up and artwork because we offer it for free. That is more uplifting news right?
  • We believe that we are the only website sells these custom magnets at very low prices. If everyou will find that one of our competitors had lower prices than ours with the same product, we will give 5% cash back to you. Fourth, we offer 105% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • We make sure that every customer we deal with will be satisfied not only with our services but as well as our products that are made of high-quality recycled materials.
  • Our custom magnet does not get misplaced easily compared to ordinary paper business card.
  • It offers a long term promotion to your brand due to the durable material used.
  • Have your contact information and company logo imprinted on it. It will serve as a daily reminder. According to the survey conducted, 38% feel that promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser and 49% are not bothered by seeing a corporate logo on it.2.87x2.87 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Our designers came up with three customizable designs that are under this category. We have our

  • 2.87×2.5 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets
    This can be availed for as low as $.12.
    You can have your grocery store’s name imprinted on it as well as your business contact information.
    – If you are planning to have a sale event, you can also invest in the magnets because it can be customized.You can have the date of the event, the discount you will give out. At the same time you can add your brand name and contact information to that.
  • 3×3 Custom Printed Card Shaped Magnets
    – It can be availedfor as low as $.12.
    – The design of this custom magnet is ideal for delivery or cargo services.
    – This is the perfect investment because it has enough space to put your logo and your contact information.
  • 2.87×2.87 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets
    – It can be a purchased for as low as $.15.
    – This is perfect for grocery or convenience stores that just newly opened in the community.
    – You can easily hand it out to people walking along the street or those that are strolling along the park. With this, you can let people know that there is a newly opened store in the community.

So go ahead, order today and get savings upon savings with our quality and durable custom magnets. If you have other concerns or questions you may contact our customer service department at 855–7 62–4638 and we will gladly assist you