Face the Challenge Head On – Invest Today on Our Car and Van Vehicle Shaped Magnets

The big question that both a newbie and an existing business owner ask always starts with “how”. How can the business be advertised and get the name or brand in front of potential prospects when the budget is tight or if you are just a new business? These are the most common question that comes into mind for all business owners wants to expand and grow their business. The best answer is to apply promotional strategies but budget will always be a big problem and consideration when you plan to promote your business or service. Some business owners would think of and look for ways to get the word out about their business in the most affordable way. Promoting a business will always be challenging for both small and big businesses. With our Car and Van Vehicle Shaped Magnets, we will help your business find new customers in a cost effective way. When you invest in our custom shaped magnets, you are choosing the right approach for your business.4.75x2.25 Custom Tow Truck Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Successful businesses have been known for their brand and it is also due to constantly promoting their services or products that they have become well-established in the industry. You make sure that:

  • You do not settle that you just exist but you have to let the people know you exist.
  • Get the word out or else your business will not stand a chance.
  • You have to relentless in getting the word out.
  • You must have a consistent and well-planned effort to keep and attract customers.
  • Your message and tool should be simple and easy to understand.

All of the checklist above can be achieved when you invest in our custom magnets as your promotional tool. Always innovate a way to promote your business or service and by investing in our custom magnet surely you will not be left behind in promoting your business. Do you know that 14.7% contacted the business who gave the promotional products? That is 3 times greater chance of receiving sales from any other media.

For those who offer services, it is common that customers tend to depend on referral from families or friends. As a car rental business or any other service provider, you need to clearly create and relay your brand standards strongly to your prospects. By relaying this information to your prospects, you need to have something that you can hand out to them and the best way to do it is through our custom magnets. You can imprint the information such as the variety of service that you provide or if you only cater to a specific service. You can have whatever information you want imprinted on our magnets that will represent your services. By doing this you are letting your prospects understand how your business or brand will be perceived and this is the key to successfully establish yourself in a competitive marketplace.

At Custommagnetsdirect.com, we always offer a variety of sizes and shapes because we want to make sure that everyone who visits our website will be able to find something that they are looking for. We make sure that every transaction made with us, our customers will be satisfied and that is why we offer 105% satisfaction guarantee on all of our orders. All of our custom magnets are offered at very low prices. You might be thinking that the materials we use are not of the highest quality but we can proudly say that all of our custom magnets are made in USA and are of the highest quality recycled material. We prefer to use recycled materials because we want our magnets to be eco-friendly. Also, we are the only website that sells custom magnets who offers the lowest price match guarantee. This means that we offered 5% cash back on our products if you will be able to find the competitor’s price lower than ours. Now that is a great deal, right? Aside from that we offer free art assistance on all of our products so you can request from our graphic designer what art design and style you want imprinted on the magnet without any additional fee.

We have listed a few samples of our car and van vehicle shaped magnets below:

  • We have our 1.25×2.5 Custom Printed Truck Shaped Magnets. This is perfect for trucking companies or cargo transportation business.
  • If you are into delivery services or catering business, we highly recommend any of our van shaped magnets (sample here).
  • Maybe you are in the rent-a-car industry either you have a regular normal sized car (sample here) or a limousine (sample here), we also have those kinds of magnets for you. These magnets also comes in different sizes, you may check our website to see more of these custom magnets.
  • Are you into tow truck business? We have our 4.75×2.25 Custom Tow Truck Shaped Magnet that is 20 MIL thick. Perfect to advertise your towing services.

All our magnets are customizable meaning you can choose whatever information you want to be imprinted on it. You can have your own image or choose any color you want to be imprint on the magnet. So go ahead and explore our website and choose your preferred custom magnets today.