Take Advantage Of Our Bottle Shaped Magnets – Read These 5 Tips

Even during this economic crisis, people cannot avoid spending their money especially when it comes to their needs. Based on research, the world’s population is now six billion and half of which does not have access to clean drinking water. While in USA, it is twice of the population that lives without access to safe drinking water and as the American population grows the demand of drinkable water grows as well. Can you imagine how much people are spending just to buy drinkable water? There are a lot of new businesses that sells drinking water because these people know very well that money is flowing in this industry. Well, you also can have a viable business if you can grab a small portion of that market.1.62x3 Customized Bottle Shaped Magnets Full Color Landing your products in front of your targeted audience is the key to your successful business. You still get a chance to capture the hearts of the people even though there are new stores springing up everywhere. It is by handing out these fun Bottle Shaped Magnets that will keep reminding people of your products. This promotional piece will create a way for you to be publicly recognized.

There are 5 ways that we recommend on how you can distribute these customizable magnets. We have listed the following below.

  • Everybody loves discounts. You can use these custom magnets as discount cards or coupons. So instead of handing out ordinary paper, you can give these custom magnets imprinted with your business and discount information. You may hand it out to any one randomly who is walking down the street or give it as gifts to your loyal and existing clients. You can start giving a 10% or 20% discount to first time consumers. 47% of surveyed shoppers want retailers to send them a coupon while they’re in-store or nearby.
  • These custom magnets are made of lightweight material making it possible for you to send it through direct mail. By doing so, you will be able to reach a wider audience. Everyone will love your thoughtfulness and because of that they will keep doing business with you.
  • Other ways of getting the word out is by attending conventions or joining associations in your industry so that you can network with peers and suppliers and potentially gain new customers by giving them these custom magnets with your business information imprinted on it.
  • Join health fairs that will help you to promote and sell you product. During these times, you can hand out our custom magnets to everyone who comes to your booth. If you do delivery, you can have that information imprinted on these magnets because you are able to customize it.
  • Since holiday season is coming up, use these custom magnets can be used as your holiday greetings. Add the greeting together with your business information and logo. Those who will receive these custom magnets will gladly keep it on their refrigerator doors for a longer time.

We have quite a lot of styles and sizes for these custom magnets but just to name a few, we have our 1.62×3 Personalized Bottle Shaped Magnets and 2×5 Custom Printed Bottle Shaped Magnets.

Remember that it is difficult for a potential client to buy your product if they do not even know or remember you exist. Our bottle shaped magnets is one of the best and innovative promotional product that is perfect for the promotional campaign of your business.