Top Reasons Why Businesses Use Food Shaped Magnets for Brand Promotion

Restaurant industry in the United States is worth 682 billion US dollars and still growing! With several thousands of restaurants in various themes, this buzzing industry employs over 13 million people and caters to the growing culinary demands of the gourmets. To stay ahead in this race, restaurants and hotels need to come up with innovative promotional ideas to enhance their brand and business. When the conventional and old fashioned advertisement tactics like newspaper flyers and radio jingles do not seem to work the way you want, try out these hard hitting promotional ideas of custom food magnets.

1.875x2.625 Pizza Slice Shape Magnet Outdoor Safe

We have a range of food shaped magnets that will get your business message out in explicit terms. Be it the 1.75 x 2 bread shaped American restaurant magnets or those that are paw shaped, cone ice cream shaped or the ever popular chicken shaped, cup cake shaped and food bucket shaped magnets and more, there is something special for everyone in our stores.

If you are trying to promote your Italian restaurant, pizzerias or bakers, choose these delightful pizza shaped magnets. These custom promotional magnets will undeniably grab the attention of your prospective diners looking for a quick grub. These unique food shaped magnets can also be handed out in food festivals or through mailer campaigns.

Check out these custom carrot shaped magnets that will be a perfect vegetarian awareness giveaway. Promote organic farm fresh stores, vegetarian restaurants and wellness programs with these adorable magnets that fall easy on your budget without compromising the quality of your advertisement.

Custom 1.75x2 Bread Shaped American Restaurant Magnets 20 mil

Low on cost yet high on visibility, custom food magnets appeal to most onlookers and will satiate their taste buds, which make it a good promotional idea for budget eateries and small restaurants as well!

Custom food magnets offer huge benefits with minimum out of pocket cost and high returns, which not many other advertising tools can claim. Here are the three top reasons why food shaped magnets are preferred by the food industry businesses for their advertising campaign.

  • Low sticker price
    Advertising involves a substantial initial investment and the returns will depend on whether the campaign works well or not. So, businesses need to play safe while planning their promotional budget to avoid loss. However when you use these budget friendly custom magnets, there is every chance for you to get a decent return even in the event of a low key promotion.
  • People like to Use Them
    When a person receives a practical gift item like custom magnets they will actually use it in their daily lives and in the process will remember your brand. Custom food shaped magnets will trigger the curiosity of your customers in all age groups and your brand will enjoy a 360 degree display on the refrigerators or the kitchen counters of your customers to make your brand their household name. Every time they have to deal with hunger pangs or unexpected guests at home, they will contact your restaurant almost instinctively!
  • Unique promotional ideas
    A unique food shaped customized magnet will make your brand more popular than the traditional advertising mediums as people will sit back and notice your brand when it is presented on a novel medium. After all anything out of the ordinary will be a welcome trend for your customers.