Why These Double Sided Magnets remain hot favorites in budget promotion?

The name says it all! The double imprint area of these double sided custom magnets will give a dual advantage and double exposure for your brand and business message. Choose from a range of double sided magnets in various sizes and shapes including those shaped like business cards, phones, houses, calendar and many more. Leave your logo and business message on either side of these trendy magnets and give your brand promo a double impact!

2.53x2.88 Double Sided Phone Shape Full Color Magnets

This 2.75 x 3.19 double sided house shaped full color magnet offers an overwhelming space for those advertisers who have a lot to share with their customers. Cost effective and assured returns make double sided magnets a trusted choice among budget conscious marketers. Double sided fridge magnets are great for two languages as business messages can be imprinted on both the magnetic sides of these magnets. Imprint your business messages in two different languages if you want to reach out to customers of diverse demographics that too at the cost of any other ordinary custom magnet!

Double sided custom magnets are an inexpensive way to boost your brand exposure. Leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers with these promotional logo magnets that will help you to squeeze in double the branding info that an ordinary custom magnet can carry. The best part is that your users will thank you for your creative imagination when you give these out to them during tradeshows, store openings, conventions or expos. Your recipients can ensure a fresh look every time they flip over these magnets to give their work counters or refrigerator doors an instant make over.

3.5x2 Double Sided Business Card Shape Full Color Magnets

Custom double sided magnets offer you the double exposure for the price of one! People will definitely retain these for a longer time as they never get bored of seeing the same artwok or business logo every time they gaze at it as they always have an option to switch sides! Order double sided custom magnets from us in bulk to make attractive savings that will give your branding promo a dual impact!

Custom 3.5 x 2 Double Sided Business Card Shape Magnets Full Color is a smart alternative to your old fashioned paper business cards! The moment you hand these out to your prospective customers you can see your brand popularity hit the sky. The generous imprint area will carry all your essential business information in style and people will surely retain it for long. The best part is that they will never misplace these magnet business cards as they can get it stuck on refrigerator doors or other metal surfaces and every time they need to access your number they will know where to look! Trendy and light weight, custom double sided magnets easily slips into wallets and these also make perfect promotional options for mailer campaigns as well.

Put on your thinking caps while customizing these double sided custom magnets as these offers a lot of imprint space for you. You can imprint your logo and business info on the front and an interesting artwork at the rear end to retain the interest of your customers. These double sided custom magnets are amazing crowd pleasers that will hoist your brand everywhere. With these hard working branding tools that work twice as hard as ordinary giveaways you can afford to scale down your marketing efforts without compromising on the brand exposure!

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