Political Business Card Magnets – The Best Way To Introduce Your Election Candidate

Election campaign is in full pitch and the campaigners are on an all out effort to woo the maximum voters. Campaigning through paper ads, TV, social media or video may not reach every voter out there you need to win. To make sure that your message and logo reach every household, check out these political business card magnets that will enjoy a permanent place on the refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or other prominent metal surfaces in your voter’s offices or homes.

2x3.5 Custom Campaign & Election Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Election business card magnets turn candidates into household names and the best thing is that magnets make excellent mailer campaign items and hand outs alike. Hand these brightly colored business card magnets with your slogan, symbols and the candidate’s name and see how your supporters will feel proud to display your magnet on their refrigerator.

Did you know that your magnet on the refrigerator will be seen over 20,000 times during an election year? Every time they open their fridge doors, the candidate’s name and message will leave a long lasting impression in their minds. The best thing is that these business card magnets often enjoy an extended lease of exposure as election souvenirs or as a handy option to hold up the family artwork, or that little shopping list!

2x3.5 Custom Campaign Business Card Magnets 25 Mil Round Corners

Political business card magnets 20 mil are light weight and handy for mass mailer campaigns . Custommagnetsdirect offers best price and free shipping to make sure that your political campaign turns out to be a success and people oriented affair. Let’s be frank about it! People of every age love getting mail and these mailer campaigns play an important role in influencing new voters or undecided voters, which could even sway the results.

Mail reaches everyone including those voters who are not digital savvy or remain hooked to their TVs. Business card magnets will never get trashed or forgotten in a drawer but will always be displayed in the high traffic areas of countless homes and offices, buying instant attention and repeated impressions.

Why Election Business Card Magnets?
Business card magnets are the ideal way to popularize your logo and message as these are not just affordable but also will leave a strong impression in your voters’ minds.

  • Magnets stay in sight and will remind people of your business every time they open the fridge door
  • Campaign Business card magnets will serve as an instant reference for your voters.
  • The full color imprint and the custom messages on these will never fail to grab the attention of whoever sees these custom magnets.
  • Political business card magnets are never trashed or misplaced
  • Durable and reinforced with a strong magnetic backing, political business card magnets will last long and continue to promote your party with elegance

Magnet Business Cards Customized To Fit You
Why settle for ordinary cards and generic themes, when you can customize these cards to make these as extensions to your political identity? Choose from our design templates or use your design to create business cards that are as unique as your candidate.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make these fabulous business card magnets. Browse our user friendly website and it is easy to see why thousands of business owners choose Custommagnetsdirect for political business magnet cards.

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