What are the Most Popular Political Magnets in 2014?

With US Presidential elections in hindsight (in 2016), the demand for custom political magnets is on rise. Going by the sales records and trends, following are slated to be best selling political magnets in 2014 and mostly through next two years –
Custom 2×3.5 Campaign & Election Business Card Magnets: These election business card magnets are very popular and are largely ordered by candidates and their supporters. With same size as regular business cards, these election business card magnets are sure to strike with their uniqueness. They make a great handout during election rallies, meetings and many other events.
Custom 3.25 x 2.125 Square Corner Political Magnets: These campaign political magnets are larger than business card magnets and they attract with their unique shape. It offers enough space for imprinting election symbol, contact details and election catch phrases.
Custom Vote Shape Magnets 2.25 x3.25: These political magnets leave deep impact on minds with their vote shape design. The magnets of this type are popular with political candidates trying to gain easy footage with masses. This magnet largely remains affordable to political campaigners working in limited budget and planning to reach out to maximum voters within short time. It makes a great hand out during political rally, political gatherings, pre-election camps and many more.
Custom 6.25 x 1.751 Square Corners Magnets: These magnets offer large imprint area in elongated space and campaigners can utilize it building credibility with reliable figures.
Custom State Shaped Magnets: They are extremely popular with candidates as well as patriotic individuals. These state shaped magnets offer great visibility to business, patriotic, political and individual information imprinted against it.
Personalized 4×7 Political Calendar Magnets: These magnets offer great visibility and easily aids in reliability building. It offers large space for imprinting political messages, contact information, featured highlights of election agenda and many more. Getting it tastefully done with information in full color printing is best way of seeking attention and building your political career.
Custom 12×12 Political Campaign Magnets – Outdoor Safe: These car magnets easily show up from against car doors or other vehicle surfaces due to their large size. They offer enough space for imprinting political information and build up larger than life impressions on minds, while on move.
Custom 24×12, 24x 18, & 24×24 Political Car Signs: These car signs are little pricey, but most popularly chosen by leaders and their supporters trying to reach out to maximum people at short time.
You can always order these magnets from any trusted online magnet stores selling custom magnets. Lowest price match guarantee, free shipping, free artwork and free online design proof, bulk order price savings, safe & secure shopping are some of the perks associated with this purchase. You can look forward to a brilliant political career ahead of this magnet.