What are the Most Affordable Promotional Magnets Offered on Online Magnet Stores?

The affordability factor may be relative to budget and they may differ from one online store to the other. However, there are certain promotional magnets, which largely remain affordable for marketers working in squeaky budget or large budget.  Here are they –
Business Card Magnets: They are the most affordable promotional magnets on the scene. This magnet is well-suited for -startup businesses, established brands and others trying to make their presence felt in the niche. These magnets offer largely enough stellar space for imprinting basic information –logo, contact information, etc.  Although their prices largely differ, but you can easily buy them as low as $0.06 by bulk ordering from any reputed online magnet store.

Business Card Magnets

Calendar Magnets: Their inclusion in this list may trigger off some debate, but these custom calendar magnets largely remain affordable for most small budget marketers, too. They can be availed in different sizes ranging from 2×4.5 to 4×7 to 8.5x 11. These magnets can be availed for prices as low as $0.15 -$0.50 on bulk ordering (however, these prices exclusive and they may largely vary between different websites).

Rectangular & Square, Circle, and Oval Magnets: They can be availed in wide variety of sizes and budgets depending on the size. However, most marketers find them affordable and are known to indulge with them during different stages of value building. You can find indoor and outdoor magnets under this categorization. At the minimum, you may have to shell out $0.07 on bulk ordering the smallest rectangular fridge magnet or $0.10 on bulk ordering smallest of the rectangular car sign magnet.

Awareness Magnets: Again some sort of debate might erupt about their affordability, but awareness ribbon magnets remain the most popular item in this category and they are ordered by marketers in all budget sizes. These magnets make a year around giveaway and marketers who are yet to make any significant impact on the society can easily avail them for value building. The bulk order pricings may largely vary between $0.07-$0.87 depending on the choice of the magnet or size.

Die Cut Magnets: Most of these magnets remain affordable for marketers working out with clear plans at lowest minimum budget. These magnets are offered in different shapes and sizes and you can always the make the choice depending on your personal, budgetary and promotional preferences.

Another thing is buying these affordable promotional magnets from any trusted custom magnets store operating online comes with its own benefits such as free artwork, free ground shipping and free online design proof.