What are the Popular Promotional Magnet Products Under $1?

If you are working in a penny-pincher promotional budget, you probably know the difficulties and struggles involved in casting the right impressions. Perhaps you may not want to overspend or under spend on your campaign the next time, so try to get smarter by investing in low value magnets with high impact. You can easily vouch for some promotional magnets under $1 because they offer great impact against small investment. Here we have compiled list of most popular promotional magnet products under $1.

Promotional Magnet Products Under $1

These custom 2×3.5 business card magnets serve perfect for marketers who are yet to start play their innings in the niche competition. These magnets are generally made to last longer and are available in 20, 25 and 30 MIL (outdoor safe thicknesses). Most of the small budget marketers find them affordable and value effective and they end up using them for indoor promotions. These business card magnets make a year around gifting item and they can be suitably imprinted with regular logo and contact information prior to gifting.

Custom 3×4 inch Magnets

These magnets are larger than regular business card magnets and you can employ them as discount coupons, acknowledgement tokens and many more. Being offered in affordable price range $0.10- $0.20, you can easily avail them for bulk gifting.

Customized 4×7 inch Magnets

These customized 4×7 inch magnets, offer you great opportunity to sketch your business information and build reliability with minimum efforts. This magnet can be employed as a calendar magnet, menu card, coupon card or anything as per the discretion.

Custom 3.5 inch Circular Magnets

These custom 3.5 inch circular magnets are favored for brand building by small budget marketers due to their adorable shape. These magnets not only offer large space for imprinting business messages, but also easy visibility against all odds. It can be utilized for imprinting specialized business messages such as discounts, price savings, awareness messages and many more.

Personalized 6×4 Oval Magnets (Outdoor Safe)

Personalized 6×4 oval magnets ( outdoor safe) works great for marketers who are trying hard to convey something about their business, social responsibility, attractive business features, etc. This magnet looks great over car doors or other vehicular surfaces.

House Shaped Magnets

These are popular with real estate marketers trying to make their mark in the niche. This magnet is perfect for all types of real estate marketers and they can avail it for value building throughout the year. These magnets can be availed in variety of sizes and full color printing is offered on most of them.

Vehicle Shaped Magnets

These are popular with marketers in transportation related niches and others, too. These magnets are largely loved by people and retained for long time due to their typical shapes. You can avail them at exciting price savings by placing bulk orders of reputed online stores selling custom magnets.

2x 3.5 Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets

These magnets are extremely popular with marketers due to their uniqueness and affordability. This business card magnet suits everyone and makes a year around gifting item.

Ribbon Shaped Magnets

These ribbon shaped magnets are popularly sought for awareness building indoors and outdoors. They can be availed at extremely lower prices on bulk ordering.

You can avail many more magnets at price range below $1 and employ them for bulk gifting during tradeshows and other marketing events.