Why Cheap Promotional Magnets Does Not Always Mean Lower Quality?

“Cheap” is a term, which primarily means something offered at lower price. For some it may mean price savings, whereas some others may perceive it as an indication to inferior product on the other side. How you perceive this term and associated product is relatively individual, still cheap promotional magnets may not always mean inferior.

Real estate House shape magnet

Even within promotional magnets with cheaper tag you can expect host of goodies such as –

Made in USA
The moment you hear the term Made in USA, it should mean that you are buying a custom magnet, which is allergen-free, made up of high quality resourced magnetic material, zinc-free, long lasting, etc.

Long Lasting
As said before cheaper not always mean inferior, whereas it should mean ability to provide it cost effective due to strong industry wide relationships and resource availability. You can still buy some good quality custom magnets in 20, 25 & 30 MIL at extremely affordable prices and complete with glossy finish. These magnets are loved and retained by people at homes due to their perfection.

Free Shipping, Free Artwork & Free Art Setup
It may get cheaper even. As if one tag of cheaper wasn’t enough, some online stores have started offering double savings with promotional magnet products. Free shipping, free artwork and free art setup definitely means huge savings. This arrangement suits marketers who have been working on penny –pincher budget and they can get their branding done with maximum impact. The free art setup and free artwork comes as a blessing for many startup businesses, which are yet to create any solid branding proof. Free shipping means saving another $50-$200 in the bargain.

Lowest Price Match Guarantee
Most reputed online stores may competitively offer you marketing magnets at “best buy prices” and also some of them support their claims with lowest price match guarantee. This builds credibility about the term “cheaper” or “lowest price”.

While buying a cheaper promotional magnet, you can always take the last decision by viewing the promotional samples. Most reputed online stores selling custom magnets offer them for free, but you can always check with them. After seeing the samples, you can decide whether you wish to go with the order or not. If you are in a jiffy and wish to grab your order very soon, then it is advisable to find time for checking reviews about the website. If most of them sound ok, then go ahead with your choice.

So, finally rounding if off -a cheaper promotional magnet does not always mean inferior quality!