Which Promotional Magnet Products May Work For Your Business?

A promotional magnet is an umbrella term for collection of magnets used for advertising purposes. Not all these magnets are created equal, but they are expected to lend “best impact” to business messages imprinted on them. If you are not sure about which advertising magnet may work for your business, then this buying guide may help.
As suggested before this term may encompass many impressions, so it becomes difficult to organize them under one heading. This blog highlights some common clearly visible/invisible categorizations that you may or may not see as it is but can adhere while choosing the right magnet for your business

Promotional Magnet

Regular Shaped Magnets: This categorization is employed for magnets in squares, circles, ovals, triangles and rectangular shapes. They largely work for everyone, but marketers can choose to employ them in different capacities as regular introductory magnets, discount tokens and many more.

Marketing Resource Magnets:  Now you may wonder what do they mean?! They refer to magnetic backing added to popular marketing resources. You have probably used business cards, business calendars, and notepads, but with little magnetic backing, they easily become marketing resource magnets.  To be on a safer side, you can always engage in value building through these magnets irrespective of your business size or business goals. Postcard magnets and clip magnets also make great marketing resource magnets.

Custom Shaped Magnets: This categorization is clearly visible on many reputed online stores selling custom magnets and they refer to magnets in niche- specific shapes and sizes. Today, you’ll find magnets in all imaginable shapes, sizes and colors. For example – food marketers can opt for food sized magnets such as pizza magnets, apple shaped magnets, bread shaped magnets, watermelon shaped magnets, etc. Real estate marketers can opt for house shaped magnets for building impact and veterinary businesses can opt for animal shaped magnets, transport companies can opt for van shaped magnets and so on.

Most reputed online stores selling marketing magnets allow you to shop by industry or shop by custom shapes or sizes – to streamline buying experiences.

Custom Die Cut Magnets: As the name suggests, these magnets largely adhere to the requirements. Most reputed online magnet stores offer them in myriad of shapes, sizes and colors to fulfill indoor or outdoor promotional requirements.

Save the Date Magnets: They have personal underpinnings and are capable of creating deeper emotional impact on minds than most other promotional magnets. You might have heard them in pretext of sending wedding invitations or birthday or other party invitations, but they serve good for business announcements, too. You can employ them for announcing the start up of your new business or changing of office or anything as you wish.

Announcement Magnets: They aren’t typical; perhaps any type of magnet mentioned or highlighted in this blog can easily become an announcement magnet on slight provocation.

Picture Frame Magnets: You will call them value magnets because they serve more than purpose. They create stronger impacts with their high utility value. While most other advertising magnets have restricted purposes and may end up as a mere refrigerator magnet, picture framed ones have heightened usage. People use these magnets for holding their image and love to preserve them as a memoir rather than a marketing magnet.

After reading this, the choice is entirely yours, which magnet you want to choose for marketing and why.

If you are buying these custom magnets from any reputed online stores, you can avail discounts on bulk savings along with many other value benefits such as free artwork, free art setup and free online design proof.