Let Your Flower Shop Bloom Through Our Florist Magnets

Is it not amazing that if you have your own flower shop you are surrounded with beauty everyday? Being a florist and having your own flower shop business means you can enjoy the freedom of time and financial rewards of being your own boss. Being hands-on with this kind of business gives you a sense of satisfaction especially when you are able to see the results of your own work .If you are just starting, the challenging part will be marketing your business and getting customers .If you have been in the market for quite a while then the challenge is how to retain old customers and gain more.

As a florist or flower shop, it is very important that you are able to connect with the people in your community. There are so many occasions in the community where flowers are likely needed. These occasions include weddings, funerals, charity events, those who celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Therefore, you will always have a market but the big question is how do you generate the buzz in the community that you exist or how do you set yourself apart from your competitors? The technique that not everybody knows is to advertise uniquely. Advertising through flyers, commercials ads or putting your own website are not bad yet if you do the same things as others do then it will be difficult for you to stand out from the crowd. Be unique starting with our Florists Magnets. With this, you already have an edge from everybody else.

Our florist magnets can be customized. In marketing, we believe that presentation matters. You can show your creativity as a florist on our custom magnets. You can choose any colors and art design that you prefer. You can express the way you want your flower shop to be perceived .You need not to worry if this will cost you much because at Custommagnetsdirect.com, we offer free full color printing, free online design proof and free art set-up. All of our custom magnets are reasonably priced because we want to help every business owner or marketer to succeed in their business.

Under our florists magnets comes three categories which are the following:

  • Flower Delivery Magnets It is very common for the people in the community to order flowers and have it delivered anywhere they prefer. With this magnet, you will let everyone know that you have delivery services.3x5 Custom Flower Delivery Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  • Florist Business Card Magnets Since you want to stand out and be unique from your competitors, do not just hand out ordinary paper business cards. Instead, invest in this unique custom magnet business card. You can hand these out to wedding planners, catering halls and bridal shops so they can easily remember and contact you. If you’re targeting the corporate market, you can hand it out to event planners, hotels and convention centers. You can also use these for mass promotions such as tradeshows, seminars, bridal exhibit, etc.2x3.5 Custom Florist Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
  • Flower Bouquet Magnets Flowers will always be in every household and will always be a part of every family. You should have that goal as well to have your name become familiar in every household in your community. The best way to do it is by investing in these magnets. You can order as many pieces as you want without putting out a lot of money because we offer discounts on bulk orders.3x4 Custom Flower Bouquet Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Some would say that advertising your flower shop will be costly and difficult yet we say that you only need to be uniquely creative by investing in our custom magnets. Custom magnets have been a tested promotional tool. We assure you that with these florist magnets it will not be difficult to get your name known to the community.

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