Have A Memorable Wedding With The Help Of Our Custom Wedding Magnets

The invitation gives your guests an idea of what your wedding theme or style will be.You do not want to give out an ordinary and boring invitation right? People will always have the idea that if the occasion is a wedding it is always accustomed to the word “grand”. There is nothing wrong with a white on white or an invitation with a black lettering on a beige paper but you want to let your guests know that your wedding will be fun with wit and style. Your wedding invitations will be the first one to speak to your guests. How you present your wedding through your invitation will tell the guests the kind of wedding you will be having. As a bride or a couple who are doing hands on preparations, we do not want you worry with where to find these unique and fun invitations because we have what you are looking for. We have our Custom Wedding Magnets that are perfectly made and can be easily customized for your own preference or your chosen wedding theme.

These custom wedding magnets will tell a lot about your wedding. Aside from it being a fun and different invitation that takes away the dullness of a wedding invitation, your guests will be able to see the thoughtfulness that you have put into it. Wedding invitations are most likely given two or three months before the wedding ceremony. These custom magnets will help remind your guests constantly and it will give you assurance that it will not be misplaced or be lost because these can be easily placed on refrigerator doors or filing cabinets. Our custom magnets have been proven as a perfect reminder because you can just stick it on areas where it cannot be thrown away or gets misplaced.

All of our custom magnets can be customized,thus you can brighten up your invites by choosing any color you want to be imprinted on the magnet. Aside from that, you can choose your own style and design making these custom magnets more personal.

Below are some examples of the type of custom magnet that we offer that channels playful and modern vibes.

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