4 Tips to Drive Sales With Custom Wholesale Magnets

Custom magnets are a fun way for businesses to increase brand recognition, make new customers and build sales. Magnets are low in cost and are offered in countless models including business card magnets, car magnets, calendar magnets, picture frame magnets and many more. Ideal to promote all types of businesses, custom magnets are easy to store and distribute as well. Budget friendly and incredibly popular, custom magnets are very well received in tradeshows and mailer campaigns.

3.875x7.25 Custom Baseball Shape Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil

Magnets are easy to customize with your brand, message and call to action. These full color magnets will earn a strategic spot on the fridge doors of your recipients, thereby putting your brand on a wide angle display. Nobody can overlook these attractive magnets that really stand out and these easily make a popular talking topic among everyone. Magnets set off word of mouth publicity and get your message across  to new audience without any concerted effort of investment

Custom magnets can be used in multiple ways in promoting brands, including the following

Fundraising events

Custom magnets make great fund raising items thanks to its low price advantage, which makes it possible for the marketers to sell it off for a higher price. Businesses can even purchase advertising space on the magnet, allowing non-profits and schools to raise funds. It’s a win-win! School magnets promote school spirit, remind parents and students of important dates, and help them manage school activities.  If you are not happy with the output that your cookie cutter fund raising items offer, it is time for you to switch to these highly popular choices of custom magnets

  • These low priced magnets can be marked up for big profits.
  • Personalize these magnets with your brand, mascot or school name to make it easy to sell to parents and students
  • These attractive magnets will enjoy a long retention on refrigerators and school lockers for an entire school year.

Business promotions

Magnets can be employed to promote businesses of all types and sizes as these are cost effective than most of the conventional promotional events like newspaper ads or radio spots. Customize these attractive car magnets with your brand and message to reach out to thousands of prospective customers every day.

As Team spirit items

Sports schedule magnets can be utilized as team spirit items that are hard to miss. Customize these with your favorite team’s schedules to engage the sports crazy audience with your brand and drive up their team spirit.

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