How Extra Thick 55 mil Custom Magnets Can Be Made Your Promotional Items

Custom magnets make a high visibility promotional item for businesses. The low-cost advantage will make these custom gifts a perfect choice for mass promotions like tradeshows. Custom magnets are offered in various models, shapes and thicknesses.

Extra thick magnets with 55 mil will make great outdoor magnets for cars though these can also be used indoors for commercial, industrial and warehouse use. 55 mil magnets can be used as shelf labels for organizing homes or warehouse. These magnets will stay securely even in the most demanding conditions. These can be customized by imprinting your brand and message to make it a highly noticeable logo board for your brand.

Here are some of the popular models that can be considered

Indoor Magnets 55 Mil Round Corners: These made in USA magnets sized 3.5” x4” will make great indoor magnets to promote all types of brands and businesses including hotels and restaurants. The enhanced thickness will make it stick to metallic surfaces for a long time. These can be used to keep your office organized or for labeling.

3.5x4 Customized Indoor Magnets 55 Mil Round Corners

If you want to broaden your business advertising, consider these Outdoor & Car Magnets 55 Mil Round Corners to get your message out to a bigger audience. Extra thick and strong these magnets can easily withstand the force of a moving car to make a long-lasting billboard for your brand.

Thicker magnet models like 3.5×4 Customized Indoor Magnets 55 Mil Square Corners can be utilized for organization and labeling in factories and warehouses. Great for warehouse dry erase boards, labeling inventory and overall organization, these extra thick magnets stay in place firmly and are not easily displaced. These full-color custom magnets enjoy a massive fan-following and you can utilize the generous imprint area to highlight your message or artwork effectively.

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