5 Top Reasons Why Promotional Magnets Are Still Relevant

In a highly digitized marketing world,  businesses earmark a large portion of their  marketing budgets on online marketing strategies. Even when the  list of online promotional ideas is endlessly growing; traditional marketing items like custom magnets sill remain an effective medium of advertising

Let us take a closer look at why logo magnets are still relevant in this digital age.

Digital ads have  only a short shelf life

Online promotions have reached its saturation point. Customers constantly bombarded with online advertisements often ignore these promotions. Many of us have learned to turn our minds off and ignore these digital marketing messages. With thousands of brands vying for the attention of prospects, you need tangible giveaways like custom magnets to leave a lasting impression. Moreover, there is less competition in this physical form of marketing. So, your logo on custom magnets will get the undivided attention of the audience.


A creatively designed full color magnet will indeed be a thing of beauty that inspires your potential customers to have a closer look at your message. It is this tangible quality that digital forms of communication lack. Furthermore, if your logo magnets appeal to your target audience, it will be much easier for them to hold on to it as a reminder for a long time to come. Thus logo magnets will make a long lasting  physical reminder for your brand; whereas the digital ads may disappear in a flash of time as new ads pop up and push it further down the mail box of your recipients!

Logo magnets are simply great for target marketing

Printed magnets are light weight , compact and hence easier to mail out or distribute in person . So, you can easily reach out to a specific demographics, categorized by age, location or other factors. Thus you can make sure that your promotional dollars are put to use effectively ; because your target audience will never fail to see your message. In addition, target promotions also prevent the risk of handing out logo magnets to people that  may not be interested in your campaign.

Magnets Create A Lasting Impact

To grab the attention of your audience, your advertisements should be creative. These full color magnets are easy to customize. You can add your logo, message or artwork to create the right impact among the audience. A well designed magnet will easily draw the attention of your audience to your brand easily. The best part is that custom magnets will not appear as intrusive advertisement ; even when they keep your  message front and center of your clients.

Choices galore

Logo magnets are available in a wide range of models like fridge magnets, car magnets , shaped magnets and awareness magnets among others. Designed to stay firm on any magnetic surface; these attractive magnets will make your best branding tools for a long time. If you are looking for something quirky, choose models like notepad magnets that will offer the dual utility of a magnet and a notepad alike. 

Die cut magnets that can be made in any shape under the sun is indeed a stupendous choice to celebrate your mascot or  logo. Thus options are all yours when you have versatile handouts like magnets.

Explore our complete line of custom magnets that will make your brand  incredibly popular, as the number of people who love these products continues to rise.

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