A Quick Guide On How To Use Custom Magnets The Right Way


Custom magnets are a great way to increase your brand awareness, but only if it is done right. If you are new to the idea of using printed magnets as marketing tools, here are a  few tips that will help.

Consider the occasion

Make sure that promotional magnets match your event perfectly to make the biggest impact.

The budget

In any promotional strategy, budget is likely to be the watchword for most marketers. Logo magnets  have one of the lowest costs per impressions and are available at prices starting a few cents. When purchased in bulk, promotional magnets will cost you next to nothing- literally.

Magnets are fun

Though there are tons of options in promotional products, nothing could replace the old-school charm of custom magnets. With the world going digital, you might doubt whether magnets can create a great impact on customers.  However, reports show that people still prefer classic handouts like magnets that are far more engaging than online promotional methods.

Magnets are Useful

Logo magnets  are rated high in utility, which makes them incredible promotional products. Not only do people enjoy the experience of having these magnets in their living spaces but will even help them to keep their reminders and shopping lists organized. Logo magnets are  re-used during multiple occasions, which gives them  a higher shelf life.

Magnets Have a Tremendous Branding Potential

In addition, these full color logo magnets printed with your brand and message will grab instant attention of the audience while promoting your business. Plus, logo magnets offer the luxury of subtlety in advertising. You can also customize it in various ways to convey your business idea without spoiling the style of the product or making the audience overwhelmed.

Here are some of the models that you can consider

Car magnets

Car magnets will easily create impressions for your brand on the go. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes , car magnets are indeed one of the most budget-friendly ways  for promoting your business. These full color magnets will also grab easy attention of people on the streets and make easy leads for your brand. Moreover, anyone who sees these logo magnets will surely take a second look at our brand or save the contact details for future use.

Fridge magnets

Enhance the character of the fridge doors with these full color magnets that stand out in style. Available in a wide variety of shapes, these trendy magnets will indeed make your business communication easier. Just think of the impressions these full color magnets will make every time, someone walks past the fridge door. Add your tagline  contact details, and website to make it a ready reference item for your audience.

Calendar magnets

Another incredible way to draw attention to your brand would be through  these full-color calendar magnets.  Get 365 days of brand promotion at one time cost with these logo magnets that will remain in front of the audience for the whole year and even beyond!

 Looking for more? Browse our collection to find an appropriate model that everyone will find useful.

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