6 Top Reasons to Use Promotional Magnets

Promotional giveaways have always been part of the brand building strategies of businesses. Apart from making a tangible brand reminder, custom magnets will indeed make a fun way to engage your audience with your message

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should be using promotional gifts in your next marketing campaign.

Brand recognition

In a highly competitive business world, standing out in the crowd is what gives you the competitive edge. Promotional magnets offer an easy and effective way of increasing brand recognition. It is something that your recipients will love to use every day. So, this in turn will help keep your company on the top of their mind. Reports show that custom giveaways are more effective advertising items than conventional ads like radio and television spots thanks to its long term retention and shelf life.

Favorable impressions

Promotional products also create a more favorable impression of the advertiser. Every time you create a positive impression in the minds of your customers, the more likely they are to recommend your business.

Repeated exposure

Consumers retain promotional products for  many months or even years as in the case of custom magnets. Logo magnets indeed have a long time span to give exposure to your brand. While conventional advertising methods such as Tv or  radio have a very short shelf life, promotional magnets  make consistent impressions for a long time thereby increasing the effectiveness of your campaign  a lot.

Customer loyalty

Popular promotional giveaways like magnets play a key role in building relationships with your customers and building loyalty among customers. After all, everyone loves getting fun handouts like custom magnets.

Complement other marketing channels

Promotional magnets will also complement your other marketing strategies; and will fit easily into every marketing plan. Further, logo magnets can also be used in raising awareness and loyalty campaigns and in trade shows, thanks to its low cost advantage and ease of distribution.

Available in a wide range of models, custom magnets can even be used in product launches and retail promotions. No matter how you wish to go about it, these will indeed make a great choice to reinforce your brand exposure.

Outstanding value

Ordering fully customizable  magnets will generate brand recognition, create a favorable impression of the company and inspire loyalty in your customers. Though magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions; they can synergize with every other marketing channel that you use, thereby enhancing the value of it.

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