A Few Smart Tips To Customize Awareness Magnets

Awareness magnets are typically a one way form of communication where you wish to share a message that you want the public to know about. Though it is purely informational, awareness magnets can be personalized to spark curiosity among your audience and to engage them with your cause.

Speak to the audience

Give a voice for your brand to drive home your message and interact with them. Having a strong brand voice will make the information appealing to everyone and will establish a tangible connection, which in turn will get the audience engaged with the cause.

Ask a question

Instead of just piling them with tons of information,  turn their attention towards your message with questions that will make them think or feel in that angle. Make sure that you identify a target audience that is receptive to the causer for best results. Think of a single, engaging question that will bring the audience closer to the cause resulting in an instant connection.

Be unique

Think of a unique content or style to give the audience a unique experience and to give a glimpse of what they can expect. Instead of recycling old ideas, come up with fresh and unique ideas that your audience might not have seen elsewhere.


Get their feedback or opinion about the issue that you are highlighting in the awareness magnets to know their pulse. Getting the audience feedback will make a great way to keep the audience engaged with your brand in a constructive manner without any sales pitch. It will go a long way in enhancing your brand recall in future.

Awareness magnets will make a great handout to highlight your social commitment along with your brand. Reports show that businesses that are socially committed will get better customer patronage and support than brands that are only business inclined. These custom magnets connect with your audience easily, which in turn will  make sales leads in the days ahead.

Here are some of the custom awareness magnets that you will find interesting

Awareness Business Card Magnets : Send your message and social cause on these business card magnets to get your audience engaged. Give a piece of your mind and your contact details all at once with these custom awareness magnets that will get a high retention.

3.5x2 Custom Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

3 Piece Puzzle Shape Magnets: It makes a great way to talk about a serious social cause or a burning issue in a fun and light hearted manner to make it more interesting for anyone who hears it. Draw the attention of people towards some issue of social importance and get support the best way possible.  Your recipients will surely remember your brand as much as the social cause that you support!

Ribbon Shape Magnets : Ribbon shape is the universally accepted symbol of awareness campaigns. Put your brand,  pop a question or tease the brain of your audience with these custom awareness magnets and enhance your brand popularity.

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