Top 5 Businesses That Need Custom Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets make a subtle yet constant reminder of your products and services that your customers cannot overlook!  While ordinary paper business cards get easily misplaced, refrigerator magnets will stay put on the fridge door until somebody removes it. Custom magnets make versatile handouts to promote all types of brand and businesses as it will appease recipients of all demographics.

4.87x2.25 Custom Printed Convertible Auto Shape Magnets 20 Mil

We have picked out 5 top businesses that can effectively make custom magnets their prime marketing tool

Landscape services

Ask any home owner to know how hard it is to maintain their garden or lawn on a regular basis. Stringent lawn care policies coupled with the busy schedules of people will make it crucial for home owners to have a reliable lawn care service on call. An easily accessible phone number right on the fridge door will make it easy for customers to address their lawn care worries and every time the home owners need to trim their lawn, they know where to find you. By just getting your custom home and garden magnets slapped on the fridge doors, you are rest assured of repetitive business. The best part is that these will set off word of mouth publicity for your business as well because it is not easy for home owners to find a good lawn maintenance service especially when they have just moved into a new locality.

Pet Care Services

Having the vet’s contact details on the fridge door will ease off any pet owner. It makes an easy and effective way to keep tab on the regular check-ups and vaccinations of the pets.  Custom petcare magnets will keep the contact details of the petcare services at easy access and will relieve your customers of a lot of troubles and tensions to search for the number and drive all their way.

Plumbers/ Electricians

No matter whether it is clogged drain or a leaking tap, everyone will come across countless instances when they may need immediate assistance. DIY solutions might not work often or can even prove dangerous as dealing with electricity requires proper training and experience as the possibilities of shock or fatalities are always high. Custom plumbing magnets and Custom electrical  magnets will  leave the contact details of your electrical and plumbing services on the fridge doors, you can promote your brand and will keep your customers safe from  any unfortunate accidents.

Car mechanics

Auto related troubles can pop up any time and these unexpected issues can literally bring normal life into a grinding halt. For people who know nothing about cars, there is nothing more reassuring than to have a mechanic’s number right in front of their eyes, which will save their day. Custom auto shaped magnets will make a great choice to consider.

None of these above services may be required on a daily basis, however the emergency nature of these services will make it crucial to have the contact information handy. Anytime, anyone may require these services and having your contact details at easy access would mean that your recipients can easily reach out to you and get things fixed easily instead of going about making blind calls!  Make sure that you do not miss these business opportunities by handing out your custom business magnets right away!