Custom Magnets make clever Marketing Ideas With Good Return On Investment

Businesses use an overdose of custom gifts in marketing their services often without the desired results. This happens because the promotional gifts that they choose have a very low return of investment. It could be due to either a low shelf life or low popularity of promotional gifts. For an effective campaign the custom gifts that you choose should bring in results that match the investment; custom magnets can do this and much more!

3.5x2 Promotional Religious Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Custom magnets ensure assured ROI, which means that you can enhance brand awareness and bring in new leads without any repeat investment or efforts. Refrigerator magnets fit in the bills of guerilla marketing tools because these budget friendly items are perfectly suited for mass promotional campaigns and  will fit the bills of especially small and medium companies.

Why magnets

  • They are very affordable
  • Easy to customize
  • They offer great brand exposure
  • They last for a long time and will continue to make priceless brand impressions.
  • Light weight and compact, magnets are easy to distribute during mailer campaigns and events
  • Magnets work well as stand- alone promotional items as well as in integrated campaigns.

Custom magnets can be easily integrated into your overall marketing strategy by following these simple steps.

  1. Understand your targeted audience and customize the magnets in a way that makes it interesting for them.
  2. Set up an objective for your custom magnets campaigns
  3. Use your corporate color theme to give uniformity and a common thread for your campaign

Customize Magnets By Keeping in Mind Your Sales Objectives

  1. If increasing you sales is your objective, include a coupon code in the fridge magnets design. It will get the customers back in your store quickly and increase the footfalls of your stores. Discounts and deals will go a long way in enhancing the brand popularity. Be lavish with coupon codes if your brand is new in the market; it will definitely help.
  2. Hand out magnetic business cards during a flyer marketing campaign to reach out to your audience on a budget. These custom magnets will quickly find its way to the fridge doors of your audience and will keep your brand and message right in front of your prospects. Every time they open the fridge doors, your brand will get noticed, which will drive up your brand recall.
  3. Make the fridge magnets more useful and interesting by adding your local community events, kitchen conversion units or emergency numbers, which your audience will find useful.
  4. Sports schedule magnets are popular all through the year. So, if you support a cause or a local school / football team, print their events calendar on magnets and distribute them. It will highlight your social commitment and the budding home team in good light. Win-Win!

Did you find these tips on the best possible ways to customize magnets useful? Share your thoughts at the comments section below!