Beach theme wedding magnets – make your themed wedding extra special

Beach themed weddings have become a fad among young couples. Summer and spring season often see a record number of outdoor weddings in USA. The bone white sandy beach, spread out against the backdrop of azure blue waters and the swaying palms create a post card pretty backdrop for any romantic wedding.

Today, most couples prefer beach weddings to traditional weddings as these offer more personalization options, more fun and above all less expense. From beach themed wedding invitations to a beach themed wedding favor list featuring tropical flowers, shells, beach chairs, mini beach buckets with candies, there are a lot of options to make your beach wedding stand out!

3x7 in Palm Tree Beach Save the Date Square Corner Magnets 20 Mil

Wedding planning starts many months before the D day and once the formal announcement is made, most couples send out save the date invitations for the guests to remind them to keep the date free. Needless to say, sending beach theme wedding invitations is the perfect way to set the mood for the occasion! At, we have a range of beach theme wedding magnets with typical beach elements such as shells, starfish, etc. Leave your name, date and venue information imprinted on these and you are all set to rock the party!

Though the popular wedding printed magnets are often rectangle and square magnets, you can break the conventions and try out oval magnets, circle magnets, custom shaped magnets, and even custom die cut magnets to match your unique tastes and needs.

Here are some of the popular beach themed printed magnets for you to consider.

4×5 Custom Starfish Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners: The mere mention of a beach will summon images of endless expanses of sandy beach shores dotted with conch shells and star fishes to one’s mind. Personalized 4x 5 inch starfish save the date round corner magnets will bring out the quintessential charm and flavor of a beach wedding at its best. These promotional magnets that stand out for their charisma will make these life time souvenirs for any guests.

4x5 in Starfish Save the Date Round Corner Magnets 20 Mil

3×7 Custom Tropical Palm Tree Beach Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: The silhouetted Palm trees that stand against the setting sun makes the highlight of tropical islands. We have recreated the serenity and colors of beach life through these square corner magnets. These make a good reminder before wedding and a great memoir of the special moments after the event!

4×6 Custom Shore Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners The sandy beach shore casts a magic spell on everyone and a beach wedding is a dream come true for most people. These Personalized save the date magnets will etch out the dramatic beauty of the beach wedding for your guests months before they actually attend the wedding!

If you are looking for an exceptional wedding magnet that will leave your guests awe struck, then do not look beyond these master pieces. These exquisite beach themed wedding magnets not just help your guests to remember the date of the event but also the unique theme of your wedding. Not many guests can resist these unique invites that you are rest assured of a well attended function and loads of pleasant memories of these special moments!