How Company logo magnets can turn the promotional odds in your favor

Logo imprinted magnets make a perfect choice to celebrate milestones, promote businesses and to get connected with your target audience. Be it to express thanks to your customers, to promote your business or to announce special deals and much more, logo magnets will be perfect options for every industry. Imprint your logo, business message and artwork and hand out these personalized logo magnets during tradeshows, expos, conventions and much more.

Custom Apple Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Company logo magnets can be used to promote a range of business lines and are available in a range of sizes and shapes including the following.

Business card magnets

Business card magnets play an important role in making a first impression for any business. Having a unique business card will keep your company logo highly visible. The best part is that business card magnets are cost effective, easy to distribute and will ensure a long term brand exposure unlike paper business cards, which have a higher risk of getting trashed or misplaced. Just check out this attractive awareness business card that will push your message into a wider audience. 3.5×2 Custom Logo Printed Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners can be utilized for all types of marketers who wish to convey their social commitments. From businessmen to charity organizations or individuals, anyone who wishes to make impressive social announcements to a mass audience will find this magnet really useful.

Calendar magnets

Most people including you and me count days and check out calendars regularly to keep a tab of the events, celebrations and personal moments. Not many promotional giveaways can claim a regular exposure than a calendar magnet. Imprint this with your logo and business message to make it a wonderful fridge art as well and your customers are rest assured that they do not miss out important appointments and schedules. Ideal to promote real estate businesses, schools, dental offices and the like, calendar magnets enjoy year long presence in your client’s homes and ensure regular impressions and fresh leads.

4.25x2.25 Motorcycle Shape Magnet Outdoor Safe

Curiously shaped magnets

Attractive colors, interesting shapes and eye catching imprint information can all gain the attention of your users. You can choose from a range of quirky shapes like cars, trucks, paw print, heart shaped and many more. If you are looking for a budget promotional idea to promote your transport business or road safety awareness campaign, 1.25×2.5 Custom Truck Shaped Magnets 20 Mil will be a good option. This truck shaped full color magnets will grab instant attention and will kick up dust even during a low key promotional campaign. No matter how competitive the niche scene may seem, this magnet will help you succeed against the sky rocketing advertising prices and saves you lots of effort and time of live marketing.

Notepad magnets

Another popular version of logo magnets includes the magnetic notepads. This little wad of paper is something that most people cannot do away with on their work desks, cars or bags. Be it to scribble down important points, to make a shopping list or put random thoughts into words, everyone uses notepads in one way or the other. These logo notepad magnets will make your brand well displayed till the notepad is fully used up and if the magnets are really attractive, people will continue to retain it over their refrigerators or their filing cabinets!

Logo magnets will keep your business message and logo well displayed for long. So the customers will think of your company the next time they may need your services or products. These are well suited for customers of all age groups and tastes and are always well received.