Custom refrigerator magnets wholesale -Make your budget promotion a hit

Throw in some color and add style to your customer’s home with these custom refrigerator magnets from Send out the reminders of your special event with save the date magnets, promote your sports league with calendar magnets or keep your social commitment alive with the ribbon magnets- whatever you wish to do, custom refrigerator magnets are surefire ways to keep your logo under the spotlight! Shop from scores of designs and customize it with your slogan, artwork and logo to make these magnets personalized.

Customized 3.5x4 inch Pizza Calendar Magnets Square Corner 20 mil

The refrigerator is undeniably one of the most frequently used appliances in any home where people open their fridges instinctively when their stomachs start to grumble and hunger pangs show up. People often love to deck the plain refrigerator doors with all their favorite stuff like their kid’s paintings, colorful promotional magnets and more. Though these custom magnets are small, these colorful items are easily noticeable and can draw significant attention.

Magnets are cost-effective advertisements that any business can hand out to their clients or even mail to leads. These are ideal for mass events like tradeshows or expos due to their low sticker price advantage. The generous imprint area of these magnets will let you imprint your logo, artwork or business message. If you are looking for some unique refrigerator magnets that will surely lend an edge to your promotional campaign, here are some tips.

Guitar shaped magnets: 1.5×4.12 Custom Guitar Shaped Musical Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil. This guitar shaped magnet will surely strike the right note among your customers. Ideal to promote music stores, music classes and the like, these magnets strike a perfect balance between budget and eco-friendly marketing. Being offered in budget-friendly price range, it largely remains viable for bulk gifting.

Heart shaped magnets: These custom 2 x 1.88 small heart shape refrigerator magnets – 20 Mil are perfect for promoting physician offices, healthcare supplies and health runs. This refrigerator magnet is lovingly retained over refrigerator doors in homes due to its inspiring shape. Perfect for mass events like medical conferences and fund raising events, these carry attractive discounts on bulk orders.

3.5x4 Political Campaign Refrigerator Magnets Square Corner

Calendar magnets: Customized 3.5 x 4 magnetic refrigerator calendars 20Mil makes a perfect promotional hand out, if you wish to get accepted in homes of your targeted customers easily. The best part is that your brand logo imprinted on these calendars will enjoy a brand exposure for a whole year! You can get it customized with maximum information and stay assured that you are going to grab the most of your customer’s attention. These are ideal to promote dentist offices, schools and sports leagues among others. Every time your customers check out these calendars for information, your brand will enjoy an exposure.

Political campaign magnets: 3.5×4 Political Campaign Refrigerator Magnets Square Corner is a good option for campaigners who are in the election fray. This refrigerator magnet also holds high retention value as most people love to retain these as memorabilia of their favorite leaders. This refrigerator magnet is well suited for election rallies and meetings due to the attractive sticker price of these magnets.

Refrigerator magnets when purchased in bulk will enjoy wholesale pricing and by creating a presence in your customers’ homes, these promotional logo magnets can help in your brand in gaining recognition.