Countless Ways You Can Use Custom Magnets In Marketing

Custom magnets are budget friendly and long lasting promotional items that ensure a high return on investment. Magnets are hugely popular among marketers because imprinted magnets enjoy strategic presence in so many highly visible places. Custom magnets get more attention than a freeway billboard or flyers thanks to its long retention.

Custom magnets can be stuck to some amazing places like fridge doors, filing cabinets, office cubicles, tool boxes or cars. Just imagine the visibility your brand will enjoy on these high visibility spots and the exposure your brand will get. The more the brand visibility better will be the brand recall of your audience. On an average people will open the refrigerators a minimum of 11 times or more. Every time they do, these full color magnets will remind them of your brand. Customize these with your brand , message , artwork or some interesting information like emergency numbers, CPR tips, kitchen conversion units or more to make these custom magnets more engaging.

The best part is that custom magnets add a pop of color and a playful streak to the bland surfaces and even double up as a handy hold up for your customers’ shopping lists or reminders among others. Custom magnets ensure a high level of visibility for businesses considering the countless places where magnets can be stuck. Magnets offer a tremendous brand exposure at easy rates, which makes it ideal for mass promotions on a budget.

Here are some of the many ways you can deploy custom magnets in your promotions

As awareness items: Ribbon shaped magnets have always been one of the most recognized awareness items to support social causes and spread awareness. Your recipients will feel proud to be associated with a noble cause and to be part of a great social movement every time they get these awareness magnets. Customize these awareness magnets with your brand and message to make it a long lasting souvenir that people will hold in high regard.

3.5x2 Custom 3 Piece Puzzle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

As team spirit items: Car magnets make great sports- spirit items and team spirit handouts, which the recipients will cherish for a long time. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a high value handout that will scream your team spirit.

Mailer items: These light weight and compact custom magnets can be used as mailer items along with newsletters or business communication to sneak in your brand and get across your message to recipients of all places.

How do you think custom magnets work the best? Share your thoughts and experiences at the comments section.

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