Custom Magnets For Milestone Celebrations

Planning a product launch, business anniversary or a new store opening? Promotional products do have some clear advantages. It will keep your event fresh in the minds of your prospects for a long time. How many imprinted gifts from your friends or business partners are still on display on your work desks?

Automobile Car Vehicle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

If you too are looking for a promotional item that is easy to give out, budget friendly and that is seen by lots of new people, there can’t be anything better than custom magnets. Just place a few of these in a fish bowl at the counter for everyone to pick, hand it out along with the gift bag  during product launch or use it as mailer gifts to build a buzz and enhance the footfalls.

What to choose

Magnets make an obvious choice because these are cost effective, easy to use and something that can relate to your new product. Magnets are versatile. It will never look out of place in any event. Whether you use it to talk about your landscaping services or pizzeria, magnets will fit the bill perfectly.

  • Custom magnets featuring your business contact information will get a lot of attention.
  • Try including an event planner or calendar pre-marked with your product launch date to ensure 365 days of visibility.
  • Shaped magnets are a big bet to promote businesses. For instance don’t you find house shaped magnets a great choice to talk about your realtor services? You don’t even need to talk a lot about your services as these shaped magnets will do it effectively.
  • Your only limitation is your imagination when you have custom products like magnets on hand.

Pumpkin Shaped Indoor Magnets 35 Mil

Don’t forget your team

What is more important to the success of your new product than your own staff? Your employees are your biggest talkers. So, make sure to pass out these to the members of your staff – you never know what conversations these items may set off. More the people, the better. These interesting custom gifts will get your employees to talk about your message excitedly andl help get the word out!

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