Custom Magnets- Long Lasting Impact At Low Cost

Marketers often wrack their brains to get a perfect gift that will both please their audience and matches their budget. Though it might sound difficult, there are many promotional items like custom magnets that will make your message stuck for a long time right in front of the eyespan of your audience on a miniscule budget. Custom magnets are one such tried and tested handout that will never get tossed away.

3.5x4.5 Promotional Logo Picture Frame Heart Punch Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Custom magnets can be used in countless ways. Here are a few ideas worth considering

Mass promotions: Costing just a few cents, promotional magnets are ridiculously cheap with valuable impressions that are unbeatable. It has a higher ROI when compared to any other kind of promotional product, which makes it a perfect choice for mass promotional events like mailer campaigns or tradeshows where a massive audience is expected. Full color custom magnets are attractive and will rarely get tossed away. The best part is that these occupy the high traffic zones of your home or office like kitchen or living room where family members spend most of their time when they are at home. Custom refrigerator magnets will grab easy attention of not just your target customers but anyone who sees it. Magnets make interesting banter topics too and will generate word of mouth publicity as well

Thank You gifts: Handing out a custom magnet is like giving a gift of a life time. These cute handouts will remain with your audience all their life, get talked about, get snapped and even get shared. Just imagine the portability and wide angle display that your brand on these logo items will get. Customer who gets any type of promotional item will develop a more positive attitude towards that company and that makes custom magnets a true WIN-WIN!

Referral gifts: Referrals drive sales pretty quickly and will bring in fresh leads. Thank your referral clients with small gifts like custom magnets that will make you feel special and brand loyal. Picture frame magnets will make a great model to consider. Everytime they see their family snaps and special moments, they will be reminded of your brand and your thoughtful gesture. Show that you care with these custom magnets that will leave a lasting impression.

Fund raisers: Custom magnets will make great fund raisers thanks to its low cost advantage. Ribbon magnets make excellent awareness campaign items while sports magnets  or helmet shaped magnets can be effectively used to raise funds for booster clubs and sports leagues. Everyone will love to buy these magnets as tokens of their social commitment.

Have you used custom magnets in any of these ways in your promotions? Tell us more in our comments section.