Custom Refrigerator Magnets For Promoting Your Business

Refrigerators make a prime real estate for your brand in homes and even offices. On a typical day at home, people make atleast 15 trip to their refrigerator to grab grubs and beverages, keep back stuff, to know what’s new in the pastry shelf or simply out of habit ! So, think about the number of impressions that custom refrigerator magnets make in a year. It is around 5400 times a year or even more!

3.5x2 Promotional Religious Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

The more your brand is seen the more will be your brand popularity and exposure. Most customers who get a fridge magnet retain it for many years as an interesting fridge décor item or a handy spot to hold up their reminders and shopping lists. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impression. At a few cents per impression you can reinforce your message without any further effort or investment. Custom magnets ensure assured ROI that is virtually unheard of in other types of business promotions.  Budget friendly, compact and easy to distribute, magnets win hands down as mailer items or tradeshow handouts as well.

Full color custom magnets are easy to customize with your brand and message. Nobody can pluck their eyes off these attractive magnets and would love to talk about them during their banter sessions, which will take your message further ahead.

Here are some of the unbeatable benefits of promotional magnets that you might not have thought about

Referrals: Referral clients make up an important part of the customer base for most businesses. PPAI studies show that 85% of people do business with the company featured on a promotional product. A promotional refrigerator magnet imprinted with your name, logo and message will make a great talking topic among anyone who sees it and will stir off referrals. The best part is that magnets won’t cost you a fortune.

Versatility: Magnets are offered in a wide range of shapes and colors you can think of. For instance

  • Magnetic business cards are fun and affordable and will stay strong for a long time unlike its paper counterparts.
  • A Picture frame magnet will get a lot of attention as an eyecatching décor item and a subtle billboard for your brand.
  • Shaped magnets will convey your message with pinpoint accuracy without even telling a word! Shapes arrest the attention of people more quickly than text and that is what makes shaped magnets a hot choice among custom magnets. Can there be a better handout than a house shaped magnet to promote your realtor services or a pizza shaped magnet to talk about a pizzeria?
  • Calendar magnets will be referred to on a daily basis and your brand on it will get a lot of attention. It is amazing that even a magnet with the simplest of designs can leave a lasting impression! Tell us your experiences of using custom magnets as promotional gifts in the comments section and join our conversation!