Custom Magnets Make Great Handouts For The Outdoor Season

Outdoor season is all about fun and sun. Why not make use of the versatility of custom magnets to drive up the fun of the outdoor experience of your customers and clients? Though magnets may not tick off the boxes of custom gifts for most people, here are some tips that will inspire you to think out of the box.  Marketers can open up a package filled with magnetic strategies by using custom magnets. The best part is that it makes a perfect handout for just about everyone on your list- right from the outdoorsy people to kids and family audience.

Custom magnets for the active crowd

Spring and summer season is a great time for anglers, campers and adventure travelers to plan something new and interesting. Custom magnets come handy to hold small lantern flashlights on to the metal frames of their tents without requiring a drill or hammer to keep their light source in place. Magnets make portable solutions that are strong enough to hold onto any magnetic surface. You can even get the magnets imprinted with DIY tips to make it more value added for the outdoorsy crowd

Magnets as holiday souvenirs

Businesses like travel planners, hotels and art and craft stores can create beautiful souvenirs by imprinting the holiday attractions to create fridge ornaments for their customers. These trinkets will get a decent retention and will remind your audience of their holiday experience. The best part – these full color refrigerator magnets will make a great talking topic among your audience and will set off word of mouth publicity for your brand.  Your recipients will also find these magnets useful to hold up their reminders, shopping lists and more.

4x6 Custom Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Gifts For The Methodical Friends

Notepad magnets make it easy for your recipients to stay organized and stick to their holiday schedules without fail. Offered in various models and sizes, these logo magnets will get a long retention as well as these will stick to any metal surface and will make a great way to pick up the loose ends on the go. Your brand and message imprinted on these logo magnets will get a lot of attention for sure. Imprint some travel tips and hacks to make it more engaging for your recipients. Let your creative juices flow in making these custom magnets interesting. Sky is indeed the limit when it comes to the things that magnets can do for a positive holiday experience.

3.5x8.5 Custom Printed Paper Magnetic Notepad with 50 Pages

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