Custom Refrigerator Magnets- Why They Enjoy A Long Retention

Custom magnets last longer and can contain the same information as a business card and be of the same size. Ridiculously inexpensive and long lasting, custom magnets make a popular and powerful marketing tool. It will increase your brand popularity and enjoy a long time retention.

3.5x4 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

A custom magnet is not just a business card substitute but much more than that. Here are some reasons that make imprinted refrigerator magnets a runaway success even in low cost promotional campaigns.

Magnets bring in repeat business

Every time you handout a full color, custom magnet to your customers after a service has been rendered, it will keep your message right in plain view of their audience. Every time your recipients see these magnets they will be reminded of your brand.  Next time when they need your services they know where to find you. Magnets easily bring repeat business. You can even imprint emergency telephone numbers, calendar or CPR tips to enhance the value of magnets.

Magnets make handy business cards

Magnets can be imprinted with your company information to make business cards that remain safely stuck on to their fridge doors. Paper cards get damaged or lost but these magnets will make a ready reference for your brand. You can even imprint your social media details on the card to inspire them to explore your online stores

Magnets engage your audience

Engage your audience in a fun way with quiz, raffles or contests by using custom magnets. Imprinting an ongoing prize draw is another way to let the audience have their eyes glued on to these custom items.

Place Discount codes

Everyone’s faces light up the moment they hear the word discount. Place a code on the magnet that will fetch your audience a discount when they visit the stores next time. It will make a smart way to bring back your audience more often. Discount coupon magnets also make great incentives and referral handouts that will encourage customers to refer leads and retain magnets alike.

Magnets make save the date invitations

You can customize magnets to make invitations to functions such a fund raisers, product launches or special events. It will make a novel way to get across your message and make your brand popular. Your audience will love this novel concept for sure. These innovative invites will catch the eyes of anyone who sees it and make a great talking topic as well.

Sponsor gifts for sporting events

Sports schedule magnets make great handouts during events particularly if you sponsor local events, clubs and sporting teams. Your brand name and contact numbers will get a wide angle display and ample publicity on these hugely popular handouts that will end up as sports souvenirs even after the sports season.

These are some of the many ideas that will encourage your customers to retain their magnet and attach it in a safe place for easy retrieval. Every time they see these logo magnets their brand awareness goes up and they may even bring repeat customer business.

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