Custom Magnets – Proven Winners in Low Cost Swag

Why is branded merchandise  like custom magnets important? Firstly printed magnets ensure better customer relationships and improved brand awareness.

Though isn’t strictly necessary there’s a reason, so many large and well-respected corporations use custom giveaways. Surveys show that a staggering 90% of all consumers remember the brand they received a promotional product from. So, it’s a great way of making the best first impression among your audience. The best part is that these versatile handouts are ideal for every business vertical and ensure good value for  their promotional dollars.

Benefits of custom magnets

Make valuable brand impressions

Given the fact that it takes between five and seven impressions for a consumer to remember your business, promotional magnets are the best way to make that happen quickly.  Whether you choose to buy fridge magnets, car magnets or picture frame magnets, these logo magnets ensure the best value for money.

 Easy to customize

Moreover, magnets have a high visibility, strategic imprint space that will easily highlight your message and artwork. You can choose to adopt a fun theme or a classic approach to make your custom magnets unique. Your creativity is the only barrier here. Come up with something unique to make the magnet display attention grabbing.

Apart from the basic branding information, you can include artwork or even fun quotes to make it align with your brand identity. Thanks to these high visibility custom magnets, your consumers will definitely know who you are and how to find you!


Custom magnets are not something that will be discarded soon. Reusable and hence environment friendly, magnets will easily highlight your ecofriendly traits as well. It is undoubtedly a subtle way for marketers to show that they care about the planet and the customer. Above all, it will also be a smart move for many businesses to make consistent brand impressions.

Limitless options

There are several different options in custom magnets for you to choose from. Whether you choose  the ever popular calendar magnets  that ensure year round brand publicity or something quirky like shaped magnets , you are guaranteed of the undivided attention of your audience.

Boost Client Loyalty

Loyal customers are indeed the biggest assets in the business world. A loyal customer will keep coming back to the same business, bringing in more revenue. With high visibility handouts like custom magnets, you can rise above the marking clutter and secure repeat business.

Explore our complete line of custom magnets to choose  a model that will fit your marketing plan.

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