Trendy Car Magnets Make Perfect Giveaways

Holiday season is a busy time for marketers to enhance their brand promotions. So, can there be a better handout to consider than car magnets to add miles to your outdoor promotions?

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, car magnets will make a rolling billboard that is hard to overlook. Custom car magnets will come handy to announce festive deals and make new leads. Nobody can ever pluck their eyes off these full color magnets that pop out from the vehicles playing around. The best part is that as you go about your regular business, these logo magnets make consistent impressions without any repeat investment or effort.

Here are some unbeatable benefits of custom magnets that are often overlooked.

Low  Price Advantage

Regardless of the type of car magnets you choose, they’re sure to be great value for money. Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions among promotional giveaways. Therefore, if you opt for car magnets, your ROI is likely to be massive. Marketers looking for more bang for their buck will find it a superb choice than other forms of advertising.

Brand Exposure

What makes custom magnets different from all other promotional products? It is the incredible daily brand exposure! Few other products provide quite as much daily exposure as vehicle magnets. The high retention and high visibility of magnets will work in favor of your brand tremendously.

Car magnets are seldom discarded. These are reusable and repositionable on any vehicle in your fleet. This will surely give a long rope for marketers to tailor an outdoor branding campaign the way they wish. Promotional car magnets will grab easy attention of people around , which in turn makes them fantastic options to increase brand awareness.


The fact how incredibly popular car magnets are brings us to our next advantage . As such, people of all types will love to get these full color magnets to add a pop of color to their vehicles and make it stand out.  Car magnets are also proven fund raising items for non profits. They can easily inspire the public to be part of the social cause while raising funds for the cause.

Easy to distribute: Light weight and compact, car magnets are easy to distribute in person  during trade shows or mail out along with  business correspondence.  The more people receive these magnets, the more likely they stay committed to your brand.

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