Types of Refrigerator Magnets for Marketing

Spare a glance for the fridge doors or file cabinet in any home or office. The one thing that strikes your attention will be these full color fridge magnets in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

These handy little  custom refrigerator magnets help people affix important information, invitations, recipes and more while your brand gets a grand display. Refrigerator magnets are especially a great investment for any company that wants to get into the in-home advertising market. Available in a wide range of popular models like sports schedule magnets, shaped magnets, and more, these full color magnets are especially hard to resist.

Whether you need refrigerator magnets for promotional purposes or personal uses, these make affordable handouts that ensure continuous exposure for your message.

 Here are some refrigerator magnets that are popular among business customers and the home crowd alike.

Magnetic Business Cards

Refrigerators are a great place for your business card; because these will be continually referenced  by your recipients without they having to dig into a purse. This is a great promotional item for just about any business niche. If you are looking for an extra bit of advertising at cheap rates, business card magnets are a great choice. Magnetic business cards will look great and keep your information at the fingertips of your audience

Add your logo, contact details and artwork on these to make it special. Best of all, ordering in bulk will cost you next to nothing. So, if you are planning to attend trade shows or business events, business card magnets in bulk will be a good option. These can even be given away with purchases or mailers. These custom magnets will indeed make your persistent brand reminder to keep customers coming back for more!

Save the date magnets

Whether you are planning a grand opening or a milestone event, save the date magnets make a fun way to get the word out to family, friends and associates on a budget. These full color magnets will serve as a constant reminder of the impending event. Above all, it will ensure full attendance of your audience.

Apart from being a fridge décor item, these magnets double up as reminders of the event and also personal keepsake mementos to enjoy and display for years to come.

Calendar magnets

Couple your business information with a useful yearly calendar by handing out these custom calendar magnets. Provide a nice  full color calendar for the whole year while putting your brand front and center . Add your logo, artwork, useful tips like CPR tips to make it more useful for the whole family.

Looking for more? Browse our collection of custom fridge magnets to choose a model that will impress everyone.

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