Popular Printed Magnets for Business Events

Custom printed magnets are underutilized yet effective promotional tools that deserve a closer look.

Custom magnets as advertisements can literally get your message right into the spaces of your target audience. Just think how popular custom magnets can be on their refrigerators? These full color, attractive magnets will keep your message in their line of vision–which is exactly what a good ad does.

Still not convinced? Find some great reasons below to use custom magnets for your business

Long term publicity

Most people use the same magnets for years. It means you can invest in an advertisement that can reach multiple generations and demographics. When your recipients open the fridge, your magnets will definitely grab their attention. Customize it in a fun way to make these magnets stand out in style.

Make it value added

Marketers can enhance the value of logo magnets through smart customization For instance, if you are using calendar magnets as your swag, include a local team’s sports schedule or other useful information like kitchen conversion tips. It will obviously make it more useful and appealing to common interests. More the utility more will be the retention of the magnets!

Portable Promotions

Take your business promotions to the next level with custom magnets like business card magnets. Importantly, add a unique design on these magnets to make it interesting.Like a paper business card, magnets are also easy to distribute. Apart from this, they are easy to mail or hand out in person during conferences.

Easy to customize

Likewise what makes custom magnets interesting promotional items is that you have total control over your business message. The ability to communicate your message the way you wish is indeed the best benefit of magnets in advertising.



The best part of custom magnets is that it can be used in countless ways to enhance your branding without being intrusive. For example, if you  are including custom magnets in your holiday promotions, you can use it as stocking stuffers or mailer  items that can be mailed out with greeting cards. Light weight and compact , magnets won’t add up to the postage expenses either.

The low cost advantage of custom magnets also make it a pedigree fund raising item that seldom fails.  You can easily raise funds for the social cause you support by selling it at a higher price. Everyone will be excited to be part of this social service while romping home with  their favorite magnets.

If you’re ready for custom magnets that will exceed your expectations, browse our collection to choose models that will leave a lasting impression in your prospects. Need more tips?  Watch this space for our daily blog posts

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