Promotional Magnets Your Business will Surely Need

Custom magnets are proven tools to help promote your business.

Available in a wide range of interesting models like car magnets, business card magnets and more, custom magnets offer something special for everyone. Wondering how to use custom magnets to market your business?

Here are some popular promotional magnets that will surely engage your target customers with your brand.

Business Card magnets

Magnetic business cards are probably the most popular way to market your business. It can be placed on a customer’s fridge or any magnetic surface to get your message across in a subtle way. Besides, you can distribute it during trade shows to share your important contact information with your audience.

Calendar magnets

Every change of year is particularly associated with calendar gifts. Magnetic calendars are a budget friendly ways to get 365 days of brand impressions- at one time investment. Businesses that especially offer a routine service will find calendar magnets an appropriate gift choice. For instance, dentist office, car service centers and the like can include custom calendar magnets in their promotional plan. Your customers will keep it on their fridge for the whole calendar year!

Car magnets

Another popular way to advertise your business is through car magnets. Outdoor safe and visually appealing, these full color magnets will stand out to spread the word among everyone on the streets. Whether you wish to announce a product launch or a holiday offer, car magnets will make a perfect choice.  Choose from various sizes and shapes to cater to your promotional needs. Customize it with your message, and you are all set to have a high visibility billboard that is hard to miss.

Durable and budget friendly, car magnet involves a one-time cost to get your own moving billboard. All you have to do is, place it strategically on your vehicle and wait for motorists to contact your business. Moreover, car magnets are removable and repositionable, which gives you flexibility to use it- the best way possible!

Picture frame magnets

Picture frame magnets are advantageous because they’re inexpensive and highly popular. Choose from various interesting shapes and sizes to suit your promotional theme. Most importantly, your audience will see your message on it on  daily basis, even though they may not recognize it. It is this subtle promotion that makes custom magnets winners .  Your logo on custom picture frame magnets will get as much attention as their personal snapshots within these frames!

If you are looking for more models, browse our collection to find an appropriate model that you will find interesting.

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