Custom Magnets – The Small Budget, Big Promotional Billboards

Custom magnets are budget friendly, portable and above all popular. These make highly useful handouts that your audience can actually use in their lives. The wide variety of choices will make it easy for you to pick up a model that matches your specific target. If you are planning a sports themed event, sports schedule magnets or football shaped magnets will make great gift. Pizza shaped magnets will scream about the special deals of pizzeria  with ease while a van shaped magnet is all it takes to  get across your message on door delivery services.

7x4 Custom Football Shape Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil

Custom magnets have a generous imprint area that can be imprinted with your contact details and other useful information like emergency numbers of CPR tips that your customers will refer daily.  On an average, people open their fridge doors to keep and take out supplies many times a day. So, you can imagine the consistent brand impressions that these logo items will make every day. Offered in a range of fabulous choices and price rates, choosing the most appropriate magnet is the most enjoyable task for most marketers.

Why promotional magnets?

While traditional advertisements like billboards or newspaper ads are cost prohibitive options that not many budget marketers can afford. However, custom magnets are budget friendly, can be customized the way it suits the theme of the event and above all allow you to choose the most effective way to distribute these to the target audience. While newspaper ads or radio spots get forgotten the moment they go by, imprinted magnets will keep your brand and message right in front of the audience for a long time.

Choose factory direct and made in USA magnets that are made from quality magnetic stock material and enjoy a long durability and great appearance. These magnets can be imprinted with full color artwork or message to make them hard to resist. Every time your recipients see these logo items, your brand popularity will go up manifold among your audience. Magnets bring in a playful twist to an otherwise serious promotional event with these fun items that your audience will cherish for long. Apart from adding a speck of color to the fridge doors, custom refrigerator magnets double up as a handy way to keep the shopping lists or recipes in plain view more most people. Every time they check on their daily tasks they will get engaged with your brand in a subtle way. Your brand will pop up in their mind instinctively next time they need a product or service similar to yours!

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