How Custom Magnets Work for Brand Promotions – Must Read

If you are one of the many businesses that look for a marketing tool that holds the ultimate promotional potential for the least amount of your promotional budget, custom magnets will make a smart choice. Customized just for you, logo magnets will grab the attention of everyone around and make your brand popular.

Everyone loves to get magnets for free and will retain them for long. What makes custom magnets even better promotional items is that they have an impressive life span, which means that your brand will remain in plain view of your recipients for a long time. Add to it the big plus that custom magnets are ridiculously low priced, which makes them great for mass promotions like tradeshows.

The inherent popularity and low cost advantage will make custom magnets great promotional items. Be it a calendar magnet for New Year promotions, save the date magnets for your grand opening or a Football Schedule Magnets to celebrate the sports season, custom magnets will put your brand and message on a pride parade for a long time. Just imagine the countless times when people might have  viewed the logo, name and contact information on those fridge magnets considering the fact that an  average person opens the fridge about 15 times a day x 365 days a year.

Now for some popular magnets that are here to stay!

Calendar Magnets – Grab the undivided attention of your audience 365 Days a Year and even beyond! A well customized full color calendar magnet will end up as souvenirs

Business Card Magnets – A low cost, yet impressive way to make your first hand shake truly special! Put your brand and contact details on these custom business card magnets that are of the same size as paper cards and make sure that your customers will always have your business information right in their eyespan every time they need it. The best part is that business card magnets  won’t get misplaced or damaged like the paper counterparts.

2x3.5 Promotional Business Card Round Corner Magnets 25 Mil

Shaped Magnets: A fun way to convey your product line or business-specialty, shaped-magnets will grab easy attention! Introduce your customers to the product line without the usual advertisement slogans and taglines.

Car Magnets – Add wheels to your branding campaign with custom car magnets and take your brand on to the road for more eyes to see.

School Magnets – Create Goodwill in your community, reach out to the parents and promote school pride in a subtle and interesting way.

Photo Frame Magnets – A special handout that will make your brand stand out in the crowd and offer a trendy photoframe for the special snapshots of your recipients. Your brand will become their favorite talking topic for sure!

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