Draw New Customers with Custom Car Magnets

If you’re a small business owner that aspires for an incredible brand promotion on a modest budget, custom car magnets will make a great choice. Car magnets stick firmly to the sides of cars, trucks, vans, etc to ensure an incredible display for your message. Outdoor safe and durable, car magnets come in different models and sizes—so they’ll fit just about anywhere and on any vehicle.

Car magnets make portable billboards that are hard to miss

Car magnets are also one of the most common ways to advertise on a vehicle. It will even get your message across to a wider audience wherever the vehicle plies. In addition, these full color custom magnets can be placed on any side of the vehicle to ensure the ultimate brand visibility.

Budget friendly

Car magnets are one of the most cost effective promotional items around. It will help  you promote your cause over a  large distance and even set off word of mouth publicity.  The low cost benefit will make it a great choice for mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns.

Easy to stick and take off

Unlike decals and car stickers, car magnets are temporary advertisements that are easy to take off and apply. So, marketers can put them on and take them off as often as they like to optimize their brand visibility.  Moreover marketers can use them without damaging the vehicle surface its resale value. Plus, it will give the ultimate freedom for marketers to get on the road without a sign on their car whenever they wish.

Car magnets can be used on all vehicles

Any vehicle can be part of your fleet when you have car magnets. Just stick it to any vehicle and make it your branded business vehicle. In addition, you can also  share magnets among several vehicles to increase your company exposure. The best part is that custom car magnets will enhance the professionalism of your fleet’s look and will easily boost the trust of potential clients on your brand.

More value for money

Custom car magnets are smart investments for a lot of reasons. They are effective yet budget friendly marketing tools. Starting at process of just a few cents, custom  car magnets  are ideal for mass events and promotions.

Make leads on wheels

Car magnets  offer mobility and versatility as they move with their owners. Every time marketers drive their business vehicle around , these full color magnets will create a great buzz about your organization! This is what makes it different from other promotional products that people often leave at home or at their desk once they receive them.


Car magnets can also be used as fund raising items to promote your social cause. The low cost advantage will even make it easy for marketers to sell it at a higher price  to raise funds for the cause. In addition, these outdoor magnets also make a great choice as incentives for donors or as thank you giveaways for repeat donors . You can also send car magnets as mailer items along with your newsletters as a fun surprise.

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