Everyone Loves a Free Magnet- Make It an Effective Promotional Handout

Let’s be frank about it! You have seen custom magnets being handed out everywhere- at trade shows, store promotions, charity functions, contest venues or more. You may also have a couple of these on your refrigerator doors or filing cabinets. Branded magnets are indeed an effective way to get your message across right into the hands of your audience effectively.


When used correctly, these make a potent and invaluable marketing tool that will keep your brand identity in the forefront of your recipients’ minds and make a delightful way to start or strengthen your relationship with them.

 Made in USA from premium quality magnetic stock material, custom magnets are designed to last long and look great. Logo magnets are not just popular free giveaways but a calling card and a way to remember your business. Though the monetary value of custom magnets may not be high, these giveaways are well cherished and retained as it is practical and visually appealing. It is a way to convey the message that you will be available for your  prospects every time they need you.

House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Giving out custom magnets is a great way to build brand advocacy. Chances are that these full color magnets and your logo imprinted on it will be in the plain sight of your audience throughout the day. Not only that, anyone who happens to pass by the refrigerator or the filing cabinet sporting these magnets will also happen to see the interesting promotional message imprinted on it and will even make an interesting talking topic for them.


Custom magnets are ideal for all types of promotional events- no matter what type of business your company is into. It is this incredible adaptability that make magnets, the missing puzzle in most marketing plans. Choose from a wide range of models including car magnets, calendar magnets, refrigerator magnets, sports schedule magnets and a lot more!

Football Shape Magnets 20 Mil


Custom magnets are used by most people in their everyday life as fridge décor items or a handy hold up for their reminders. More the usage, more will be the brand impressions you get!

Custom Printed Tooth Shape Magnets 20 Mil


Custom magnets remain highly visible to your audience for a long time. The high visibility will also lead to more people seeing your message and a wider outreach for your brand. You can choose to distribute it in trade shows, mail out during campaigns or hand out in the community to enhance your brand visibility

Travel Agent Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Budget friendly

Custom magnets imprinted with your message and logo make a quick and efficient way to advertise your message to the outside world thanks to its interesting shapes and sizes, Unlike traditional advertisements like radio or TV ads, you need not shell out a fortune to get your name out there when you use custom magnets as your swag.

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