3 Ways To Use Custom Picture Frame Magnets

Picture frame magnets are  a rage among everyone these days. Apart from being an exciting décor item, photo frame magnets will offer the added convenience of a picture frame for the snap shots or motivational or romantic quotes of your prospects. Marketers looking for a budget friendly yet popular handout can consider custom photoframe magnets  as their promotional swag.

Thanks to its magnetic strength and portability, these cute and colorful refrigerator magnets will make the center of attraction in any home or pantry.  Custom picture frame magnets not just meet your marketing needs but are of high utility to your prospects as well.

Picture Frame Oval Punch Magnets 25 Mil

Your recipients can keep their photo or poster without banging a nail on the wall. These full color, factory direct magnets that are made in USA  will stick perfectly on metal surfaces like fridge doors or filing cabinets to add a pop of fun colors to the bland surfaces while your recipients get a clear view of your favorite photos! Say good bye to plain and bland office spaces, gym locker rooms, dorm rooms, rental apartments and even studios!

Picture Frame Football Punch Magnets 25 Mil

As learning tools for kids

Kids will learn things faster in a playful environment. Custom photo magnets can showcase, animals, objects or familiar people in a pictorial form, which will let them grasp things in a much better way.  It can even be used as a handy board to teach the kids new  words and help them visualize and memorize better.

Picture Frame Heart Punch Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Decorations Just Got Fun

People often shell out a pretty penny to buy decorative items to dress up  barren walls and plain surfaces and glam up their spaces. However when  you hand out custom photo frame magnets to them, they will have a smart way to enhance their spaces by using customized photo magnets as art prints! These long lasting décor pieces can be  reused and re-positioned anywhere to add a fresh appeal to the living spaces.

Designed to look good and last long, photo frame magnets can be customized with seasonal, occasional, sports, holiday, or in fact  in any theme that suits your taste.  Offered in a wide range of models and shapes, photo frame magnets will add a magical touch to the spaces of your recipients while putting your message on a wide display.

Custom Printed Picture Frame Tooth Punch Magnets 25 Mil

Affordable and Easy

 The low price advantage of custom photo frame magnets will make it a great choice for mass events like trade shows or holiday mailer campaigns. Choose from an interesting range of shapes and sizes to suit your theme and make it fit the photos of your recipients to let their  memories shine brightly at their home, office or even a commercial space.

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