Get Your Message Out In Style With These Fun Promotional Magnets

Custom magnets are budget friendly handouts that can reach out to a mass audience in the shortest possible time. These thoroughbred mass promotional items make perfect options for mass mailer campaigns, tradeshow handouts and awareness campaigns. Not many promotional magnets can match its popularity and reach at this price! Imprint these promotional magnets with your logo and message over it and see the viral effect that your branding assumes!4x7 Custom Coupon Cards and Menus Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

The best part is that magnets can be customized in a fun manner by imprinting creative messages and artwork. Think beyond the conventional promotions by adding fun elements into your brand promotion and enjoy the raves that your logo gets. Here are some fun personalization tips and ideas that will make these promotional tools a tad different from the ordinary.

Here are some of the examples of using these shaped magnets in promoting your business.

Daily To Do List Magnets
Let’s be frank about. These giveaways are fun and practical that not many recipients can take their eyes off these handy reminders gazing at them from the refrigerator doors. Your branding will end up all over the recipients’ refrigerator doors to ensure ample visibility and logo promotion that is not even slightly overbearing. These promotional items will keep your logo right in the mind of customers for a very long time.

Coupon magnets
As they say old is gold! Check out these vintage styled coupon magnets that make perfect mailer items. After all who doesn’t like coupons and when it happens to be something old fashioned and sticks to their fridge for a very long time, the impact of these will only go up manifold.

New Year Resolutions
Customize your magnets with your logo, message and New Year resolutions that will make perfect package inserts. Loads of fun, these logo magnets will enjoy year long retention as your recipients will surely find these tempting to read. Everyone will love to retain these cute magnets and even ask for more for their friends and family, which means that your logo will enjoy a fast paced promotion and word of mouth publicity.

Need to know more on these fun magnets? Call us or email us your orders or queries and we can help you walk through the whole customization process. Custom magnetsdirect has a range of logo magnets in all possible budgets and genres. If you want to make your recipients sit back and take note of your brand in a fun and light hearted tone, all you need to do is place your orders with us. You will be surely surprised to see your goodwill and brand popularity hit the sky!

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