How Custom Magnets Can Enhance Footfall For Restaurants On Slow Days

Restaurants, eateries or bars often have to deal with slow traffic days. If you are looking for a low cost item to amp-up the sales even when things slow down, settle for custom magnets.

How Custom Magnets Can Enhance Footfall For Restaurants On Slow Days

Here are a few ideas

Grab easy attention with Refrigerator magnets

Distribute refrigerator magnets – Your recipients will put them on the fridge for a very long time. It makes it easy for them to reach your restaurant for a quick grub or takeaway. You get life time customers literally by investing in these logo items. Announce your special offers, discount codes and signature dishes on these full color logo magnets. You can even imprint fun games or quizzes on these to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Free Fish shaped magnets

Can there be a better way to boast about the fish dishes that your restaurant is so popular?  No matter you make these Fish shaped magnets your mascot, mailer items or point of purchase freebies, success is yours!
2.5x4.37 Custom Printed Fish Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Build a buzz with Car magnets

Advertise your restaurant or bar on car magnets and get free advertising among a vast audience. Just stick these attractive custom car magnets on your delivery vehicles and every time you drive around the city, your brand will reach a fresh segment of audience. You can even use extra large car signs to announce your upcoming events and food fests.

3x8 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners Square Corners

Pizza Slice Shape Magnets

Pizza Slice Shape Magnets will make it easy for your audience to find the best place to try their favorite snack! Spread the word and drive the crowd!

1.875x2.625 Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Sports schedule magnets

If you have a sports bar or plan to organize a sports themed event, there can’t be anything better like sports schedule magnets. It will give your customers a schedule of their favorite team plus it will remind them to catch up the action on the wide screen in your bar.

Celebrate the baseball season in style with these Baseball Shape Magnets and drive up the footfalls of your sports bar! Your customers will have a perfect souvenir of the season as well

3.875x7.25 Custom Sports Schedule Baseball Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Classic Business card magnets

The classic way to introduce your brand! Make sure to make it interesting by imprinting a QR code linking to your event videos or menu list. You can even imprint a coupon code of long term validity that will make a compelling reason for them to retain it for long!

Restaurant Business Card Magnets will make the best way to talk about food and to introduce your culinary skills to your audience.

Feel free to contact us for more ideas; we are always happy to help!