The Unbeatable Power Of Custom Refrigerator Magnets

School holidays are one of the busiest times for families to shift residences or move into their own new homes. It is indeed a peak promotional opportunity for movers and packers and a host of other business lines like schools or super markets as they get a new set of prospects in their fold.

Families that move need to make a  fresh start right from finding a dentist , pet care store or nail salon – to name a few. People often might feel completely clueless and lost in new location and that is what makes refrigerator magnets powerful guides and marketing tools for local businesses.

Refrigerator magnets as mailer items

Marketers can send welcome letters along with imprinted magnets to the homes in their neighborhood. This will make a fool proof way to get connected with everyone in the area including those who have moved in recently. Get your brand imprinted on these full color custom refrigerator magnets to make high visibility billboards in front of your audience. It will create a warm relation instantly and will make your first hand-shake super special.
Here are some custom fridge magnets that you will find interesting

Free House Shaped Magnets

House shaped magnets will make your recipients feel at home even in a new neighborhood. Realtors or home maintenance services can get their brand and message imprinted on these to stay in front of their prospects.

4.75x3.875 Custom House Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Quirky Trash Can Magnets 20 Mil

Trash can magnets may not ring a bell as a possible promotional item at first. But can there be a better way for the trash removal agencies to get their word out. The new home owners will surely be relieved to have found a solution for their trash disposal!

3.475x4 Custom Trash Can Magnets 20 Mil

Big Phone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Get your message out loud and bang on target with these phone shaped magnets. Great for making announcements, new deals and special offers for all types of businesses and to turn the prospects into your regular customers!

4.5x3.93 Custom Printed Big Phone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Handy Magna Pads with Business Card Magnets
Magna Pads with Business Card MagnetsNot just hand out your business card but a writing pad as well for your prospects. Needless to say, your brand on these will get consistent exposure.

3.5x10.5 Custom Magna Pads with Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

Eye catchy Pickup Truck Shape Magnets

Your prospects who move often due to work or personal reasons will find these magnets a sure shot solution for their transit woes! Put your brand on these attractive Pickup Truck Shape Magnets and stay in plain view of your prospects.

5.125x1.9 Custom Pickup Truck Shape Magnets 20 Mil

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